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Victoria has been sewing some new creations..

2 Oct

This was one of my favorites to design..When this fabric came it was exciting. I started and Victoria came up with the details on the bodice and sleeves.  She has an eye for detail.






Here are some peeks at others we have done this fall.  Been incorporating more knits this fall.. Organic knit from Monaluna..with a little lace splashed on..

image image

Then, a full skirt with lace and a lined lace knit top, identical to the mommy’s top in above photos




We also did a little Christmas dress..


It has been so long..6 months..so much has happened..Babies born at church, summer travels, and now home schooling in full swing..

This year I am more intensely a teacher at our school.  More involved sharpening the children’s skills..

Victoria is doing the bulk of the sewing and Olivia the bulk of the book work and customer relations..

But, we all get a chance in the sewing room, and we all have our hand in the design and the decisions..It has been a journey.. We have been at this since my Ezra was 3 months old and in November he will be 7!! That is a long journey.. Not over yet, the girls have the equivalent of a college education in fashion design, garment construction, textiles, merchandising, self-employment, and home economics..

It amazes me what hard work and perseverance can accomplish..

Our family is taking a different direction, and it is good to see how in all labor there is profit..as the Lord says in His word.

Not always monetary, but surely lasting..

Here are a few custom dresses, designed and made for a little mother up in Michigan

P1180235 text

P1140422 adj


So thankful to God for His precious Son, Jesus Christ, who saves us from our sin and ourselves and gives us gifts and talents to share with others..So thankful for the never ending work of the Holy Spirit in our lives..refining us..and growing us..and giving us the desire to be more like Him..

Always want to give God the honor and credit..So many verses in the Bible are key to my heart..But one stands out today..

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing…With out Him, we can do nothing..He is the beginning and the end of everything.. John 15:5 in the Bible.

Too much to comprehend, but so beautiful and comforting..

Looking forward to having a little more time to do some more blogging! 🙂

Pillow shams and covers…

24 Nov


I visited with an old friend recently and she had covered her pillows in her living room.  They were so fresh and cheery,  she inspired me to get to work on mine!  I’ve had some pillows on my wicker chair for 5 years and they were looking tired!  I went to our fabric store and picked out some Rachel Ashwell prints for the covers… Just a nice dove gray paisley…

 An easy envelope cover, that comes off for washing…

 Then I chose this rose print with purples, greens and grays…  Next our bedroom…My husband and I are approaching our 25th anniversary.  We used to every so often on our anniversary, spruce up our bedspread, or something in our room…  So, I’m starting a little early, I made these shams for our bed…

 I chose the purple rose fabric again and trimmed it with a lavender damask print…

 I am so pleased with the shams! But now I see how much I need to make a bedspread! 🙂  I’m contemplating a quilt with these and other prints we have from Rachel Ashwell.  All I need is a little time 🙂  I think I’ll just use this ecru quilt for the batting, so, that will save money.  We’ll see what comes together!

Tis the season to remember what we are thankful for and the list is very long, but I am thankful for the time and energy to be able to do a little home decorating!  Seems like I’ve just been too busy and or tired to do simple things like that!

I am thankful for simple pleasures!

I am thankful for a few minutes to reflect!

I am thankful for the Sabbath day, the Lord’s day, to rest from labor, and refresh with His word, and fellow believers…Truly, I am blessed.