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Fun, new quilting technique

10 Mar

Last fall I came upon a quilt on pintrest that caught my eye. I visited the link and it was a blog by a young woman named Jera Brandvig.  She has developed a fun technique called quilt as you go..I’m sure it is not original to her, but she has developed it well and describes it in her book, Quilt as you go/Made modern.


I got a copy and made up some quilts..the backing isn’t my favorite technique but the front presents so beautifully and I did these quilts in 10 to 12 hours each..

The first quilt, I gave to a friend along with a table runner, and the second I incorporated a beautiful panel from a company that screen prints scripture verses. This quilt I gave to my adopted mother who is staying in a nursing home for rehabilitation.


These were 9 inch blocks and quilted on the backing as described in Jera’s book.

This quilt was made with beautiful screen printed psalms, so encouraging!





This particular fabric collection is by a designer named, Brenda Riddle, her collection is called Windermere by Moda Fabrics..We carry many of these beautiful prints in our Etsy fabric shop …As I was saying about the backing, you basically, stitch in the ditch around the blocks that you have quilted on the front..This leaves the back a little droopy in my opinion.  But, if you have smaller blocks on the front this would be taken care of.  Unfortunately, I am usually speeding through quilts, and other projects because of my many duties..I am not able in this stage of my life to leisurely quilt, or enjoy the process..There will maybe come a time..

My husband and family come first. They deserve that. I am so thankful for them, and for the dear friends for whom these quilts were made.

So, I decided to offer this book in our Etsy Shop, Pomegranate Place, and let Jera do the teaching through her book..Just follow the link at the beginning of this post and Enjoy!!!


1 Mar

My firstborn had his birthday last week.

His sister made him this linen shirt..

We are getting into linen here!  I really like natural fibers, cotton and linen!

I like the colors that don’t use a lot of dyes.  I use all colors but for our family, I think about those things.

Then the girls and I had a hair piece making day on Saturday.  I had visions of having so much fun and just being together.  Little did I think of the stress the mess would give me! 🙂

Being such a neat freak is not so conducive to creativity!  We did get some sweet hair pieces in the end 🙂

By:  Olivia…

By:  Victoria…

By:  Kezia…

By:  me…

Some singles…


I can definitely say that my three daughters have surpassed me in this area.  But it is fun to watch how things turn out!

We are thinking of adding these to our online boutique as they match our outfits.  And even if they didn’t I am thinking they are still pretty!

Any thoughts??

Our Legacy Grand Opening…

27 Oct

Olivia, Victoria, and I have opened our new website.  Olivia has put many hours into building this site.  We are currently in the process of transferring our inventory and adding new inventory.

We would like to offer a special November Preview discount to those purchasing from our new site.

Just enter the code Nov Promo when checking out and you will receive a 10% discount on your total purchase.  FYI this is a one time usage coupon.

We are excited about this new step and wanted to share with you.  We will be e mailing our newsletter subscribers so if you get a notice in your inbox please remember it is a one time usage coupon.  Thank you to our past customers and welcome to our new customers!

Happy November!  Happy Thanksgiving!

This is one of our latest designs:

The pink owl chenille and corduroy dress.  The owl is lined and hand sewn on to the dress with embroidery floss.  The eyes are corduroy covered buttons.  I had fun making this.  I am making a variation of this with a brown corduroy ruffle.

So many ideas, so little time!

Just click the link at the right to go…


24 Jun

Got my second ladybug design, I have had this sitting in my think tank basket for at least 2 weeks.

My last one was very sweet and girls were liking it but it was difficult white fabric to work with.  So, I got this design together and added a personalized monogram which I think some might enjoy.

The ladybug is not actually centered on the dress,  it is just the way our little niece is standing.  Who, by the way is a very sweet girl!

Also, this morning when I was preparing for her to come, I made up these little bloomers for her to wear under the dress, I just love when I’ve had a good night’s sleep, and my heart is at rest, the Lord can drop ideas into my head.  I give Him credit for this pair of bloomers!

Have a great day!  I am praying for summer to really come here, we have been having cool and rainy weather and I’m ready for some warmth and sunshine!


A baby quilt…

30 May

My last pregnancy, I was forced to be on bed rest for 17 weeks.  I made this quilt for him.  I could hardly stand to be down that long.  He is worth it.  I just like to be doing.

This quilt was pieced with 8″ blocks and then I  hand embroidered the little sea creatures.

I was pleased with how the creatures could be semi- recognized in the back of my work.  I know I could have done them on the quilt top then added the backing, but I wanted to kill 2 birds with one stone and make my embroidery my quilting.   These fabrics were given to me by a quilter in Florida when we were living there for a year.  This last baby was brought into being in Florida, hence the sea and sea creature theme.    Chrissi

A helpful tool…

6 May

When cutting patterns out there are so many markings to make.  When I learned to sew we used pins, chalk, sometimes even pencils or pens.  Those are great when the marks will be hid or with easily washable fabric.  Also when you are sewing for yourself and you can keep secrets 🙂  Maybe you all have heard of the wash away marking pen but if you haven’t I would be remiss to not let you know of it.  We use  Mark B Gone, it comes in blue for lighter fabrics and in white for darker fabrics. 

 It is wonderful for marking lines when doing a bit of shirring, or adding double ruffles to a garment, or trims. 

Also, when you hand embroider you can actually draw your design with it.  So, you see the possibilites!  When your design is done you dampen the marked area with a wet cloth, or we sometimes spray with a water bottle when the fabric doesn’t have a lot of sizing in it.   If the marker is not easily seen when the project is done, don’t worry about it, just use it or wear it and then in the first washing it will B Gone 🙂   Happy Sewing! Chrissi