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Victoria has been sewing some new creations..

2 Oct

This was one of my favorites to design..When this fabric came it was exciting. I started and Victoria came up with the details on the bodice and sleeves.  She has an eye for detail.






Here are some peeks at others we have done this fall.  Been incorporating more knits this fall.. Organic knit from Monaluna..with a little lace splashed on..

image image

Then, a full skirt with lace and a lined lace knit top, identical to the mommy’s top in above photos




We also did a little Christmas dress..


It has been so long..6 months..so much has happened..Babies born at church, summer travels, and now home schooling in full swing..

This year I am more intensely a teacher at our school.  More involved sharpening the children’s skills..

Victoria is doing the bulk of the sewing and Olivia the bulk of the book work and customer relations..

But, we all get a chance in the sewing room, and we all have our hand in the design and the decisions..It has been a journey.. We have been at this since my Ezra was 3 months old and in November he will be 7!! That is a long journey.. Not over yet, the girls have the equivalent of a college education in fashion design, garment construction, textiles, merchandising, self-employment, and home economics..

It amazes me what hard work and perseverance can accomplish..

Our family is taking a different direction, and it is good to see how in all labor there is profit..as the Lord says in His word.

Not always monetary, but surely lasting..

Here are a few custom dresses, designed and made for a little mother up in Michigan

P1180235 text

P1140422 adj


So thankful to God for His precious Son, Jesus Christ, who saves us from our sin and ourselves and gives us gifts and talents to share with others..So thankful for the never ending work of the Holy Spirit in our lives..refining us..and growing us..and giving us the desire to be more like Him..

Always want to give God the honor and credit..So many verses in the Bible are key to my heart..But one stands out today..

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing…With out Him, we can do nothing..He is the beginning and the end of everything.. John 15:5 in the Bible.

Too much to comprehend, but so beautiful and comforting..

Looking forward to having a little more time to do some more blogging! 🙂

The last custom sewing for 2014..

18 Dec


A quick addendum to yesterday’s post..Victoria finished up our last custom accessories for our mama in Mass. DSC_0441 The white top is just a white version of our Lacey top on our website..P1140695 This little red pleated dress is what she sent for us to match..she asked for white.. we love the versatility of white..P1140699 These pants have 3 ruffles..the middle ruffle is stretch lace..I designed these and Victoria made them happen..A mother’s respect for her brave daughter..I confess most of my life I have been afraid of knit..the older machines on which I learned to sew..just messed up knit!..Hence knit-phobia set in 🙂  But our newer, machines and Victoria’s courage in the face of the – her mother got on..Is amazing!.. She has pioneered, for our family, and I am going to conquer this phobia..with her help! :-)…

Oh, and did I mention that my sewing speed is speeding?  And knit does take a great measure of patience??  Godly virtue that I don’t possess and He may use learning to sew knits in teaching me this fruit of the Spirit..

Merry Christmas..We have got to get some sewing done for our selves now 🙂

Custom Sewing and reflection…

17 Dec

Almost 6 years ago..I started a sewing business..Over the last 27 years well, more..I have sewn here and there for family, friends and an occasional wedding..But in February 2009, I began making dresses to sell on e-bay..then etsy..then our own dedicated website..

Olivia and Victoria helped with little things like turning things inside out..running elastic and packaging.. Today, 6 years later, they are almost exclusively sewing and running a business that has grown each year..The Lord has given them a college education in the last 6 years..they have no written degrees but the amount of experience they have is astonishing..at least to me!!

In those 6 years we have designed, and sold our designs..but much of our work has been custom..people with idea’s coming to us and we have been able to make them a reality..That is very fun..it can also be stressful because we care so much that they get what they want..what they are envisioning..

Below are some photo’s of our latest custom order..A mama in Massachusetts has a precious daughter who she wants to keep covered and warm..her description was mod and modest :-).. The thing that is fun about this mama is she doesn’t have financial limitations..so she sent us 4 dresses and instructed us to make pants and a top to accent them..

The 4th dress’s pants and top are currently being sewn up..Her main instruction to me was “Chrissi, I want you and the girls to have fun”…this was freeing..as designing is so fun..

For one dress I got silk dupioni..a lovely fabric and we designed a little top and triple ruffle pants..I wanted the ruffles to show NO stitching..they turned out beautiful.. the top also showed minimal stitching..

P1140668 this was a great lesson in fine stitching for the girls…


 Red dress is not our creation..just ivory, silk dupioni accessories..

P1140670 This dress was the inspiration for the silk dupioni..it was to be worn at a wedding..

P1140665 These pants are made from a jaquard in gold tones..They were to go with the dress below which was more of an every day dress..our customer’s mother-in-law made the little red dress..she is from Pakistan..The way everything came together was so fun!

P1140661 It was relaxing to go outside the box of having to get orders done to being creative and blessing someone..Victoria made hairbows out of the gold jaquard to match this outfit..the mama was surprised..

As I reflect on these things it is a cause of gratefulness to the LORD for His faithfulness..He promises that if we are faithful in the little things  we will be faithful in much..My adult daughters and I are learning faithfulness in integrity in business and craftsmanship..Not so spiritual..but yet profoundly spiritual..

We are learning that you never arrive..we are always in a place to learn and grow..and that is a great lesson in humility..For our family..humility is a virtue..It is what our Savior has called us to.  The realization that He is the giver of gifts..We want Him to be glorified, we want his love to flow through our hearts and minds and fingers and to reach others, those who know Him and those who we hope will know Him someday…Jesus is the only one who makes our life worth living..He is our all in all..And He has provided this place for us and we are thankful..

Have a Blessed Christmas and Holiday season…do take time to reflect on His gifts to us..

Chrissi, Olivia, and Victoria….

Creations from Olivia and Victoria

13 Nov


The girls, Victoria and Olivia gave me a sabbatical in September and October to enable me to concentrate on the younger children’s schooling..They endeavored to take the brunt of the business responsibilities..and they did a beautiful job!  I am back at the business but the pressure is definitely lessened as the girl’s, actually ladies, but they will always be my girls :-), have stepped up..I wanted to share some of their latest creations..logoDSC_6847 This is the Betsy Dress..and Grand knit ruffles..Designed by Victoria and I ..  mostly Victoria..

logoDSC_6838 This photo is precious! I wish we lived near our photographer!  She is in Wisconsin..She does a fabulous job!

logoDSC_7286 This is our Savannah tunic top/dress actually a Burda pattern and a couple of our favorite Moda Fabrics.. And the Grape Grand Corduroy Ruffles..We only had a few yards of this corduroy but thought it would make such nice winter pants..Olivia stitched the Savannah and the Cords..

DSC_7274 The yellow shoes are so cute!


shirtDSC_6860And last but not least the white ruffled top, Victoria made..it is a nice top for any time!!  I might have her make me one!

I am thankful for the sabbatical and the time to refocus and remember the blessings and priorities in my life…there is a time and a season for everything..

Photo shoot…

17 Jul

DSC_0896We have been very busy lately with our sewing business, and summer canning and just life.. We contracted with Goodyear aerospace to make slip covers for the Goodyear blimp..and that has been a long process..the girls are planning to finish those this week.

In the midst of that we have been preparing for our first show…”A day in the Country” to be held at the Randolph Fairgrounds in October…In order to get ready for that, I took the advise of a business man I know to have some girlies walking around the show in our outfits.. We decided to measure some girls up that were likely to be there and make up some fall garments for them..We always picture what we make in order to be able to offer the garments in our online shops.

…. Enter, a big photo-shoot…we designed garments, made them up and scheduled a photo shoot place and time..I wanted to thank the girls and their mommies by serving lunch..so we worked up a tea party.. The planning and ideas kept coming and it got bigger than we first thought..It did turn out to be stressful for us, making sure everything was done and ready for the day..P1130215



But I am so pleased with the results..truly, it is hard work to get such satisfying results..but work is good, and God is true when He says “in all labor there is profit”..my older sons think profit is mainly in the form of money..and I am not averse to money..But there are many other forms and riches in character and growth, and blessing others that are profit!!

DSC_0798 Children are a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward..



DSC_0844 DSC_0847_1




DSC_0976 DSC_0974 




The smiles on these girls faces..the joining in together at the tea party..that is profit!


International Quilt Market..

29 May


Thursday May 15, we were privileged to be able to go to the spring International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh..P1120529Some of the privilege was in the fact that we were able to get away…

P1120532 Some of the privilege was we had the finances to do so…

P1120509 Some of the privilege was in traveling with my two oldest daughters..we work together…but this was going to be a vacation!!!

P1120506 Pittsburgh was daunting…We did great, because the Lord was with us, and because Mama grew up in the city..I mean down in the city 🙂

P1120513 Quilt Market was held in the David L Lawrence Convention Center…It was on  the shores of the Monongahela River.  Which was almost at flood stage..It  just rained and rained!!

P1120524 We saw such beautiful, colorful, artistic booths!  It was as colorful and gorgeous inside as it was rainy and glum outside!!

P1120512 There were all kinds of suppliers for the industry, and we don’t really quilt yet 🙂 we just sew and sell our fabrics…but oh, the quilts…amazing talent..


And the exhibitors, the people were friendly, and helpful…and it was nice to just talk shop and we met people who were skilled in areas that we needed help..Then there was the trim man from Texas..he was our first stop..we like trims for our clothing!!! He was a dear man and he smiled and waved at these country bumpkins every time we passed!

There was a security guard who helped us almost every day…he called the convention center parking deck “my deck”, “my lobby”, “my building”…Oh we were just blessed by the people we met..Some we didn’t even get names..but we got smiles, laughs, and acceptance…I say acceptance because we are just a tiny business in the big pond of businesses that were represented there..

One fabric house we spoke with..I said, “we can’t order much because we’re just small” and one of the owners said…”we were small once too”..That was magnanimous of them!

We did order a lot of fabric..Some for designing..Some for our fabric store because we just thought it was beautiful, or fun, or would make something beautiful..The fabric below is organic..we got some lovely prints from this designer..they aren’t the ones shown..these aren’t out yet..But she drew all the pictures for her fabrics..very nice girl..I can say girl..she is a lady, but I am her senior by 20 years 🙂


We learned a lot, we are still processing..But we hope to make good use of all we learned and to improve upon it and be good stewards of the time that my dear family gave us to go, and the Lord protected us, and helped us, and I hope we were a blessing to those we met as well…


Got some of this grey ruffle lace..going to make something from it!



Appreciative customers…

9 Oct


This is our Poet blouse designed this summer for our fall 2013 line of clothing..

From this blouse we have had 2 custom orders…

DSC_1289 (2)I appreciate when a mama requests a custom order!  We are privileged to be a part of a special time in their life..

Below the mama was getting fall pictures made… She wanted a print in the poet blouse for her 5-year-old, a tie for her 4-year-old son, and a little coordinating pillowcase dress for her 6 month old baby girl…Also a matching headband..

Here is what we came up with and here are her sweet comments:

“What a wonderful experience and absolutely beautiful product! I sent my request and ideas and Our Legacy did NOT disappoint! Not only are the items beautiful but they are very nicely made and very comfortable for my kiddos! I will definitely order from Chrissi and her girls again…. thank you!”


Then there is another mama who was having pictures for her 18 month old baby girl..She wanted the poet blouse to be made into a dress length, we said we could do that and here is her little sweetie below and her sweet comments…

“Custom made dress for my 18 month-old daughter (instead of blouse for young girl). Absolutely fabulous!!! She looked adorable and it was exactly what I wanted!”

Thank you to our thankful customers and thank you so much for sending your thanks our way!  We appreciate you!

Being in business isn’t all about making money, that is nice, but the true blessings come in helping and being helpful and the satisfaction and fulfilment that come from that…We are thankful to the Lord, who gives us our gifts to share with others…