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Pomegranate Place at work

30 Jul

Walked around this  morning after  doing  some  book-work  with  Olivia  and  this  is  what  was  happening!

Today our shop is closed..Hmmm… 🙂

Victoria is working on our friend’s wedding dress…bustling…let it be known every time we do this type of alteration we say…we are Not doing this again…Hmmm.

Olivia is doing books with me…mind you..Daddy’s books, Sewing books, and family books…

Kezia is taking care of our on line fabric sales..getting them ready to ship.. so thankful for our Etsy shop and the orders from our Etsy friends..

And here I am, I thought I was going to get out of this post, but the girls took a picture of my sleepy self being up since 3:30 this morning. We took some of our roosters to a farmer today and were there bright and early! I love farmers! They understand my time clock, early to bed, early to rise! Now 3:30 is terribly early, but 5:00 or 5:30 is nice..

So just a peek into what we do on the days the shop is closed!! 🙂 I am also so thankful for these young women who are happy to work with us in all our endeavors..They are such a blessing from God! May He bless them for their servant hearts!!

Opening our door tomorrow

18 Jul

We have been working all week to set up our quilt shop. It is an undertaking. Selling on line doesn’t require pricing on each bolt of fabric since we always have the price in our online listing… Wow, we have been pricing for 3 days!

So, we are taking the plunge. Tomorrow we will open at 10:00 a.m. and be open until 4:30 p.m.

We haven’t cleared our sign with zoning yet, so just look for the white building with a brick front and a pink door! 🙂

We have fabric, pre-cuts, some wool pieces, quilts, and children’s clothing pieces to start…modest beginning.

We will also be open Saturday 10:00 to 3:00 and Mondays  10:00-4:30!


23 May

Today the boys got to go to our friends farm and mow and rake hay..I ran over to enjoy them enjoying!

I rode with my son who was raking..

Then, I got to ride with my son who was mowing..

As I rode I was thanking God for creation. For the simple pleasures, watching red wing blackbirds flying up and hopping about, catching a glimpse of a butterfly rising from the tall grass..and the smell of the fresh-cut hay.

I am also thankful for the opportunity for the boys to be able to farm..they enjoy it so.  It is a gift to be close to God’s earth, out in God’s fresh air, and gleaning from His bountiful earth.

My boys have had a rough couple of months, and I felt that God was healing them with these gifts and it did my heart good to watch them and join them on the tractors..and pray for God’s continued healing and grace..

God is a merciful, kind, and compassionate God..Even in our failures, our disappointments our pain, He is working for our good..And there is always a joy of knowing we are secure in His love for us and his care for each of us..His dear precious children..20160523_10031720160523_10034420160523_10040220160523_10040920160523_10203420160523_102039d02e8684-cd03-4f96-926f-e7b52ddc6db5



Quilting 101

8 Mar

I have officially started to learn to quilt..

Other than 2 baby quilts over the years, my sewing has been more clothing and home decor..

My bucket list has had quilting on it for years..While I enjoy cutting something out and making it in one day..I can see that quilting can be very therapeutic, let me clarify and say making quilt tops..

I have not gone into the world of machine quilting..and the two baby quilts I did were o.k.  the first one I bought a panel and quilted around the characters..the second I did 4″ blocks and quilted a heart in all of the white blocks..which were few.]

I have decided to conquer piecing and then go on to hand quilting and machine quilting..

So, here are my first attempts..

a quilt for the girl’s futon bed, it is made from one of our popular clothing lines we made with these prints..

I saw this pattern, called French windowpane by a woman on Etsy and a friend with a quilt shop in Chardon helped me lay it out and instructed me on how to “build” it.

Image So, it has memories, including the memory that it is my almost first attempt!

I then followed it quickly with a single version for my youngest daughter’s top bunk..hers was mostly pink..they are  both at Ruby Blue Quilting studio..she is going to machine quilt them for us..

The next day I grabbed one of the charm packs that we have for sale in our fabric shop and started trying to figure out what I wanted to do with it..I wanted to move up to another level..I came across this sweet English lady, the gourmet quilter, and she has you tube tutorials, so I followed her instructions and made this quilt with one charm pack..charm packs are pre-cut 5″ squares usually of a designers collection..This charm pack had 30 pieces it is by Dena Designs..called Little Azalea..We are selling it in our fabric shop on Etsy

Image This is how it turned out with the sashing and post technique shown on the you tube tutorial..


I then added the blue print for a border and it is ready to sandwich with batting and backing and quilt..I know the terms but don’t know what I am doing 🙂


Unfortunately, I am not a photographer 😦 and so the blues look LOUD when they are  really soft, calm, and restful like a tropical sea!!!!

This has been fun!  I am happy to have learned something new, and to get some practice in..

Creativity is such a gift and an outlet, whether you cook, sew, craft, scrapbook, decorate…whatever..The Lord is creative..we reflect His image when we create and it is good..

Learning about rugmaking…

19 Jun

P1090393We took a wonderful field trip on Monday this week.

We visited Heartland Woods and Rugs, in Polk Ohio.

Nancy makes rugs on her looms and she sells them at area craft shows.

She gave us an awesome instructional tour of her shop.

She showed us rug making, her way, from start to finish.  I say her way, because each fiber art is just that…an art… And artist’s license is a wonderful thing to watch!!




Very thorough and the children really enjoyed it.

Small businesses, and the industry and perserverance it takes to run them is so encouraging to us!

P1090394 We intended to go to a nearby park for a picnic, but Nancy and Bob let us picnic in their back yard..

P1090413 It was better than a park!!!

P1090416 You can see their handy work at many area craft shows ..I am including their schedule below


Stop by one of her show booths! You won’t be sorry, and the quality of her rugs?

We have returned 2 years in a row.  They shake out great and they wash up great!

Thank you Nancy!!

Home remodel….

24 May

Before… P1020382

Our family crammed in our living room.. We had grace and then the boys kept getting bigger..So we decided to tear out some walls.  Put the little boys in a bunk room with the bigger boys and use their room for living space…


Daddy and the guys on the living room side of the wall


Teamwork …


My dear husband being frugal and careful to save the wood and drywall to fill back in where needed..


I am so blessed with how everyone just digs in!!


Daddy helping “the baby”  he wanted to help!!


Forgot to use the flash..so dear…


last wall…

P1080583 Banging with 2×4’s  the guys were in their element…

P1080591 My husband was so sensitive to my inability to cope with disorder..he got to putting it back together with lightning speed…my son is filling in drywall as his dad is finishing removing wall plates from the ceiling.. A note on the heater pipe..It has to stay, so we are going to make the best of it 🙂

P1080953 The big open living room..to the front

P1080954 To the side..

P1080956 The old “boys room”..Now our music and eating overflow room.. So exited!

P1080958 They even reconfigured the kitchen a little, making easier flow..Not all done..Not perfect, but livable and so much light and cross breeze! Thank you so much Steve and children…May we all enjoy and share this new space with each other and others!!!

P1080948 Here is what we did with our pipe..going to paint it creamish, and make it look oldish like a pillar.  Then I found this awesome old radio cabinet, painted the PERFECT color at this really cool shop in Hartville, called Faded Velvet

P1080950 The floor will get done later when there is money for tile…

P1080941 A few pics of our room, finally made the quilt, shams and skirt for our bed…

P1080940 Then how beautiful is this settee? We purchased this at the Faded Velvet shop also.  The proprietess is a very lovely lady and helpful and not least… extremely talented with her pieces and the displays at the shop.  If you live in the area..Do stop in it will be an idea inspiring and just enjoyable experience!

I turned 50 a couple weeks ago..I think I’m re nesting..getting ready for the next phase of life..

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven..

Thank you Father for being in control, for knowing our frame and remembering we are dust, for your Word, your Wisdom, your Caring, your Beauty…

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful….

Sewing and fabric…

7 Aug

We have been sewing quite a bit lately..

Thankfully  it is summer and we are off of school til the end of this month!

We designed a fall collection, sewed it up and had to send it to the photographer.

We got to go to a fabric show in “Amish Country” here in Ohio.

Here are some things we’ve been making…

This is our full, Sweet Vintage collection…12 pieces..

The back row…

This is the Sparrow tunic and the Sweet Vintage double ruffle skirt.  Kimberly Van Sistine in Wisconsin, took pictures of this collection for us.  We just can’t get pictures like this!   We are so thankful for her help!

A note for seamstresses, sewers, and crafters…

If you like any fabrics you see on our blog or our website we do offer most of them for sale in our Etsy shop … Pomegranate Place..

Here are some fabrics we have gotten in this past month..

These are lovely, shabby chic roses and florals with a purple colorway and a dove gray colorway

These have a pink colorway and some green..

The girls and I are just wanting to get our hands on these fabrics and create some things,  we are working on orders right now, so we have to practice self control 🙂

This fabric is wonderful to the touch, it will be a dream to work with 🙂

Harvest and canning happening here too.  More on that another time.