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The last custom sewing for 2014..

18 Dec


A quick addendum to yesterday’s post..Victoria finished up our last custom accessories for our mama in Mass. DSC_0441 The white top is just a white version of our Lacey top on our website..P1140695 This little red pleated dress is what she sent for us to match..she asked for white.. we love the versatility of white..P1140699 These pants have 3 ruffles..the middle ruffle is stretch lace..I designed these and Victoria made them happen..A mother’s respect for her brave daughter..I confess most of my life I have been afraid of knit..the older machines on which I learned to sew..just messed up knit!..Hence knit-phobia set in 🙂  But our newer, machines and Victoria’s courage in the face of the – her mother got on..Is amazing!.. She has pioneered, for our family, and I am going to conquer this phobia..with her help! :-)…

Oh, and did I mention that my sewing speed is speeding?  And knit does take a great measure of patience??  Godly virtue that I don’t possess and He may use learning to sew knits in teaching me this fruit of the Spirit..

Merry Christmas..We have got to get some sewing done for our selves now 🙂

Baby bedding and handmade quilts…

18 Sep


The term bucket list..is new to me, but the concept is old..ideas..”oh, and I want to do this!”..according to the personality type, some can say that and then just go on with their every day life..is it just me? or does anyone else think..”oh, and I want to do or try this?!”  then it nags them until they do it???P1130699 A crib set..now, I have made many of these..since I have had 11 babies..but no two the same..and usually out of fabric I had around or someone had given me..necessity, the mother of invention.. 🙂  But, now I have the luxury of having a fabric shop and sewing business..so…”wow, this collection would make such a cute crib set!”….Then, you know you are really obsessed when you see this antique crib at your friend’s shop and you say..”Oh! that would show off the crib sets (that I haven’t even made yet) so well!..and…. it’s business, so I can buy it and write it off later for a tax deduction.”P1130694 Then, you add a baby quilt to the basic crib set..hand pieced…quilted by your self..when you have only quilted for a short time..

P1130691Then you get your son to set up the crib in your living room for a photo shoot..and..you move your living room around and your furniture goes into temporary places like your bedroom for an indefinite period of time..because you don’t know when the shoot will happen..

P1130702 Does anybody think I’m crazy yet??  Well, I do!  Especially, since I’m trying to keep up with home educating 8 children and we are planning the graduation of 2 of them..and did I mention..my physical health is not so great??

P1130709 Then, you call your friend, who has grandchildren, and a nice modern crib..so you can have a photo shoot on the modern crib..in case you would like to sell your crib set in the future..you need lots of descriptive pictures..

P1130714 Then you get to your friends..and she has you and 5 of your children stay to lunch..This was unbelievable to me!  Just 5 more, no big deal right??   When all that is said and done..Both shoots went well..Thanks to so many people!..Kezia took the pictures and helped make the beds 🙂

Olivia and Victoria did the sewing on the bumper pad and sheets…Victoria also helped me with the skirt..and I did the quilt and the children’s piano teacher..the best quilter I know..gave me help with some tough spots on the piecing of the quilt…

Soooo…what do you think?

Green sheet?   Grey sheet??

Modern crib?  Antique crib?

I would also like to give honorable mention to the side chair in the antique crib pictures…my dear husband went and picked this chair up on the side of the road a couple months back…It was covered in gold plastic..I had this “idea” to cover it in white linen..when I got it… it didn’t have a skirt, so I thought “a skirt would look so nice on this chair”…..I am enjoying this chair immensely in our living room..it is white and fresh…and it has been redeemed from the junk pile!…You can do so much with those side of the road finds!!




Fun anniversary gift!…

13 Mar

Last month was our anniversary..the girls made this lovely gift basket for us and we were able to go overnight to a cottage in Amish Country..


They made us a beautiful bunting, napkins, and table runner..



They also put in candles and a sparkling grape juice with 2 goblets!


So sweet, really blessed us!  The bunting is very detailed and artistic..and the runner is sitting on the coffee table in our living room now..

January at our house..

30 Jan

On the  ninth we had a young man turn 17..He doesn’t really have red eyes 🙂

P1110374 On the 11th we had a youngster turn 10…He is displaying a picture made by his sister and framed by his brother …

P1110410Below said brother and sister enjoying their brother’s joy..along with his mother…


The chickens are being very good to us for feeding and housing them..

P1110472We have some young colonials acting out their father’s history reading…

P1110540 The youngest colonial..

P1110541I designed this pillow with a “skirt” to cheer up our wicker love seat..

Which incidentally was gracing our sewing room and my January cabin fever, blues, “Let me out of here!”, I’ve got to have a change..side..moved up to the living room and I wanted to take this picture so when the children began sitting on it and making it unrecognizable I could pull this up and prove that indeed, one day..it looked nice 🙂


A trip to Florida, sitting on the beach and enjoying the sea air was more what I had in mind..BUT..necessity is the mother of invention after all  :-)…

And last but not least the guys had to replace our 2 1000 gallon septic tanks

IMG_0688Our very kind neighbor brought his mini excavator over and dug the hole for a very reasonable fee…which took most of the day since it was 2 below zero and felt like 20 below..
IMG_0689Our other neighbor who is in construction brought over his laser transit and was of much help in the advice area…
IMG_0690The boys, and young men were constantly on hand and we couldn’t have done it without them..Then the miracle..the septic tank man just “happened” to stop by and our neighbor said we should ask if he could deliver the tanks that same day..he said he could but he would need some time to get them out of the ice at his lot..Well, he did and delivered them and put them in the holes…The amazing thing for me was how he just drove up our front yard and around back and it was like there wasn’t a speck of snow or ice on the ground…

Because he was able to do that our neighbor with the excavator could backfill  and it was all done but hooking it up to the house and leach line..this was done the next day and we are up and running..Miracles come in strange forms..this was a most welcome miracle..septic systems are a huge need in January in Ohio with 13 people in the house!!!  Thank you Lord! for working this all out for us!

Is it spring yet?  🙂

Christmas sewing…

26 Dec

Victoria made these ties for our guys..we sang in a Christmas Eve service..It was very wonderful and our guys looked great!

P1110299 And unbeknownst to me Victoria and Olivia made me these beautiful..well beautiful just isn’t the word to describe how much these kitchen towels mean to me!

P1110322 They bought linen…made the towel..then embellished with one of our new collections of fabric..Scrumptious by Bonnie and Camille for Moda fabrics..

P1110328If the hand towels weren’t beautiful enough, then Victoria made these quilted hot pads..with linen and oh..I’m wondering how I am ever going to use these beautiful pieces of art!


I can’t really choose a favorite..I think the shirring on the paisley with green ric rac is so sweet, and the rouchey ruffle with the red ric rac is fun, and the paisley, bias and coral ric rac is crisp and sharp…So, I won’t choose I’ll just enjoy 🙂

Thank you girls you are so appreciated and your talents have definitely surpassed your mother!!

Learning about rugmaking…

19 Jun

P1090393We took a wonderful field trip on Monday this week.

We visited Heartland Woods and Rugs, in Polk Ohio.

Nancy makes rugs on her looms and she sells them at area craft shows.

She gave us an awesome instructional tour of her shop.

She showed us rug making, her way, from start to finish.  I say her way, because each fiber art is just that…an art… And artist’s license is a wonderful thing to watch!!




Very thorough and the children really enjoyed it.

Small businesses, and the industry and perserverance it takes to run them is so encouraging to us!

P1090394 We intended to go to a nearby park for a picnic, but Nancy and Bob let us picnic in their back yard..

P1090413 It was better than a park!!!

P1090416 You can see their handy work at many area craft shows ..I am including their schedule below


Stop by one of her show booths! You won’t be sorry, and the quality of her rugs?

We have returned 2 years in a row.  They shake out great and they wash up great!

Thank you Nancy!!

Home remodel….

24 May

Before… P1020382

Our family crammed in our living room.. We had grace and then the boys kept getting bigger..So we decided to tear out some walls.  Put the little boys in a bunk room with the bigger boys and use their room for living space…


Daddy and the guys on the living room side of the wall


Teamwork …


My dear husband being frugal and careful to save the wood and drywall to fill back in where needed..


I am so blessed with how everyone just digs in!!


Daddy helping “the baby”  he wanted to help!!


Forgot to use the flash..so dear…


last wall…

P1080583 Banging with 2×4’s  the guys were in their element…

P1080591 My husband was so sensitive to my inability to cope with disorder..he got to putting it back together with lightning speed…my son is filling in drywall as his dad is finishing removing wall plates from the ceiling.. A note on the heater pipe..It has to stay, so we are going to make the best of it 🙂

P1080953 The big open living room..to the front

P1080954 To the side..

P1080956 The old “boys room”..Now our music and eating overflow room.. So exited!

P1080958 They even reconfigured the kitchen a little, making easier flow..Not all done..Not perfect, but livable and so much light and cross breeze! Thank you so much Steve and children…May we all enjoy and share this new space with each other and others!!!

P1080948 Here is what we did with our pipe..going to paint it creamish, and make it look oldish like a pillar.  Then I found this awesome old radio cabinet, painted the PERFECT color at this really cool shop in Hartville, called Faded Velvet

P1080950 The floor will get done later when there is money for tile…

P1080941 A few pics of our room, finally made the quilt, shams and skirt for our bed…

P1080940 Then how beautiful is this settee? We purchased this at the Faded Velvet shop also.  The proprietess is a very lovely lady and helpful and not least… extremely talented with her pieces and the displays at the shop.  If you live in the area..Do stop in it will be an idea inspiring and just enjoyable experience!

I turned 50 a couple weeks ago..I think I’m re nesting..getting ready for the next phase of life..

To everything there is a season and a time for every purpose under heaven..

Thank you Father for being in control, for knowing our frame and remembering we are dust, for your Word, your Wisdom, your Caring, your Beauty…

Thankful, Thankful, Thankful….