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Stan Hywet, Birthday celebration/home education field trip…

19 Nov

On Thursday the 15th of this month, my youngest/aka the baby of the family turned 10 years old.  One of his gift requests was to go somewhere cool on his birthday and to have the whole family there.  Well, with 6 of our family working outside the home that was no small feat.  But the “glue” sister asked all and all made a way to get off work! Yay!  We chose Stan Hywet Hall. Near enough to get home in time for the birthday dinner! Beware..lots of pictures to follow! View from the back we were down in the japanese garden.

This day was special in many ways. As a mom of many and a home educating mom, I am always on the job. I have visited Stan Hywet on a couple of occaisions but realized that this was the first occaision I could really see things, because there weren’t little ones to keep me busy with crowd control, and to keep their hands off of the museum’s property! I show you the next picture cause the guys were just thinking this wood elevator was so cool, and “mom this would be so fun to ride on!” 🙂
The music/ball room was also a hit. We sing together and some of the older children play various instruments.  I thought the chandeliers in the music room were unbelievable! I am a chandelier fan!


Home educating mom/teacher asked if we could sing a tune, just to let the children hear the acoustics and they were not disappointed! Moms can be so embarrassing :-).  You will see that the mansion was decked out for Christmas which was an unexpected bonus!

All the family has had their chance working with Dad in his carpentry business, so the architectural details, the different species of wood, the craftmanship, the attention to details, none of this escaped the children. It was a warming of my heart to see how much they have learned and retained and taken as their own over the years. Below is a picture of the secret bookshelf door passage.

the telephone booth

See the hand carved linen-fold wall paneling? The hand carved detailed border?

This picture is priceless to me, we are all looking up in awe at one thing or another. Learning, exploring, BEING together, a mom’s bliss!

The dining room was glam and glitz the silver plated everything was shining it was inspiring!


These chairs each had a different animal tapestry, we (the seamstresses of the house thought they were cool)

I have always had a love for butlers pantries, it was fun to see a lot of my children, not just the girls ooh and aah over this and the kitchen and pantry!  Cooking for 13 people on a consistent basis gives you an appreciation for these kinds of things!!

O.K. so time for confession, I know I should be content and not covet someone else’s kitchen, but, I’m telling you this was an extreme test!…I really can’t imagine what it would take to clean this place (energy) but to work without running into people???? 🙂 Then there are bedrooms and showers and guest rooms…You gotta go see this place.

A pool in the lower level, as long as our house!!


Did I mention it was sleeting and cold?? Did I mention we had to see the grounds and the garden, and the conservatory???

The birthday boy!

We ended up in the horse stalls turned cafe for a family picture!



Some things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Family, time spent together. Museums and field trips to help us learn from the past and grow from what we have learned. Thankful for beauty and craftmanship. Thankful for a change of scenery to gain perspective… Thankful for God’s grace to walk and continue on life’s journey…

Thankful for Olivia, who took all these pictures to help us remember the day! Happy Thanksgiving!


Ohio State Trooper field trip….

1 Sep

Yesterday we went on a marvelous field trip

We went to the Ravenna Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.  This was a great way to start off our school year!

The Sergeant and all the troopers were very good to us!

We got to see a CSI unit…

The trooper was very informative and happy to answer questions…
Then we got to see the canine unit…

They talked to us about the dogs and the trainers and their jobs,  then they staged a “walk around”  in what they called “free air”  they don’t need a warrant to walk the dog around your vehicle in the “free air”.  The trooper had planted some marijuana in a car and the dog picked up the scent and started scratching at the door.  The dog scratched the car at the place where the drugs were.  It was very interesting.  Then the dog got rewarded and the children got to meet and pet the dog if they wanted to…

We were shown the portable scales that the troopers use to weigh suspicious vehicles.  This was interesting to me as I wondered what criteria they use to make their standards ,  I was glad to hear that they are concerned with the safety of the motorist and the upkeep of the roads.  Both important to me as a taxpayer 🙂

The Sergeant of the post showed us inside his immaculately clean car…

This guy’s engine was as clean as my kitchen counter top! I love cleanliness and order!

Thank you Sergeant Bancroft and all the troopers at the Ravenna Post who made this field trip a huge successs!  And thank you to Mrs. Wright who got this field trip together for us!   We learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves along the way.