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Updating our website..

29 Apr

Taking some time today to evaluate our life and our sewing business.  Not there yet, but evaluating is a good thing, prioritizing, soul searching.

Spring and new life is energizing and after being sick for many months and actually having any creative juices flow is an extreme blessing and really makes me picture the sap coming up the tree to push out the beautiful flowers and leaves for us to enjoy all summer.

Infusion of hope, hope for life, for growth…Thankful for this..



Saturday evening….

9 Jul

Saturday evening, Ahhh…  time to get ready for our Sabbath rest and refreshing. Just wanted to share a few projects and thoughts.

This week we had a custom order, a lady in Kentucky sent me fabric and a picture and asked me to make this out fit for her.  At the end I had some fabric left and suggested making the matching purse and hair clip.  She liked the idea and this is how they all turned out.

The outfit is monotone with grays, I am not very fond of gray, it kind of reminds me of cloudy days.  But, this turned out very nice.  I suggested adding the pink monogram to the purse, I do like pink and gray. I thought the buttons on the rouche ruffle and the tabs on the pants were cute.  She sent me the buttons, elastic, every thing.

So, I thought before I let this dress go I wanted to make something similar.  Since I will never make this dress again, I have no idea where she got the fabric.  I have had this cowgirl fabric in my head for probably a year.  I really pictured it with red.  But there are many colors in the print, so I pulled the hot pink and the blue.

I also pictured it with a lighter denim, but I made due with my dark indigo.  The dress is soothing to me with the blue.  And the denim will be great to wear under it in cooler, and colder 😦 months.

I opted out on the buttons on the rouche ruffle at the top.  I had some tan ones and they looked cute, but they were kind of small and I think it is just “simply” pretty without them.  On the gray, they gave a “tuxedo” look and I thought color- wise that was appropriate but the cowgirls just didn’t need the buttons.

The jeans are actually straight leg, which I don’t do a lot but as you can see, I couldn’t help putting a band and ruffle detail just above the hem.  This was fun to design.

I have another  knot dress waiting to be made next week and some more t -shirts to embroider.  We’re going blueberry picking on Monday so, we’ll see what kind of sewing gets done next week.

Olivia made this lovely hobo purse:

She did a great job.  She used magnets to close the top, very cool.   I am so pleased with her skill.  She is like her father when it comes to sticking to a task. And making sure it is done to her satisfaction, which is a high standard.

Now I can look forward to tomorrow and focus on my Maker and Savior who loves me with an everlasting love.  And all who are His.  I look out my window and am thankful for his evening sky paintings.  Always different, every night.  Always beautiful!  Amazing!   I hear the birds singing their even song.  I need to praise Him with song more.  “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee because he trusts Thee”  Thank you Father.  Praying for the grace to live in His peace no matter what things look like around me.   For a control freak, this is the only way, God’s grace, God’s never failing, even when things look bleak.  Praying for Him to give me the ability to take Him at His Word.

Shalom, Chrissi

Happy Summer give away winner…

5 Jul

We just drew for the winner this morning…

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words!  Congratulations to Jill Rosencrantz!  Enjoy!

And thank you to you all who participated, and left such kind comments!  Happy Summer!


Happy Summer Give away….

1 Jul

We were invited by http://www.forgivenlovemuch.com to join her in this give away.  And we thought it sounded like a great idea!

The give away runs today and tomorrow July 1, and 2nd.  The winner will be chosen on July 5th.  After the holiday weekend.   And we will ship by July 7, 2011.

If you would like to win this cheery summer apron for your next barbecue or picnic.  Just follow these simple directions to enter.

This apron is made with poly cotton plisse’ pucker fabric.  Trimmed in white bias binding.  Has wonderful long ties and fits size small to medium.

We will ship this for free to the continental United States.  We will be happy to ship internationally for a $7.00 shipping fee.

Ladies Full Lightweight Plisse Apron.

Ladies Full Lightweight Plisse Apron.

1. Visit our website and let us know what your favorite item is. By contacting us through the contact page.

2. Visit our 2 Etsy shops and heart one item from each shop.



3.  Leave  a comment on this post when you are all done.

We will enter your name and my 2 1/2-year-old will draw the names out of a hat on Tuesday and we will e-mail the winner and get your address for shipping.  When contacting us through our website, we receive your e-mail.

4.  If you would like another entry just let your friend know and have them mention your name when they enter.

That’s all there is to it!

Happy Summer!  Hope you enjoy this give away!!


24 Jun

Got my second ladybug design, I have had this sitting in my think tank basket for at least 2 weeks.

My last one was very sweet and girls were liking it but it was difficult white fabric to work with.  So, I got this design together and added a personalized monogram which I think some might enjoy.

The ladybug is not actually centered on the dress,  it is just the way our little niece is standing.  Who, by the way is a very sweet girl!

Also, this morning when I was preparing for her to come, I made up these little bloomers for her to wear under the dress, I just love when I’ve had a good night’s sleep, and my heart is at rest, the Lord can drop ideas into my head.  I give Him credit for this pair of bloomers!

Have a great day!  I am praying for summer to really come here, we have been having cool and rainy weather and I’m ready for some warmth and sunshine!


Summer give away…

23 Jun

Keep posted, July 1st I will be joining some Etsy shop owners  in a give away of something from my shop.  Just wanted to give a heads up.  I have joined a team of young christian girls, who are very energetic and I think they will be keeping me on my toes!  With Olivia and Victoria’s help, hopefully I can keep up! 🙂

Ladies Full Lightweight Plisse Apron.

This is a little hint to the give away item.

Praying you will have a day that is filled with the light of His countenance and that He will give you and I peace!


Pacific Silver Cloth…

21 Jun

This is a new thing to me and I just wanted to let you all in on it.  There is a fabric called Pacific Siver Cloth.  I had a contact from our web site asking if I could make some bags out of it.  I must admit, I had never heard of such a thing!  I have to say, I thought, “what is it? Some sort of bathing suit material?”  🙂

What it is:  A brown cloth, resembling flannel, that has been treated with a liquid solution containing real silver particles, miniscule, but real.  It is brown because when silver tarnishes it turns a dark color…..

What is it’s purpose?  You store your silver in it and it retards tarnish.  You have to polish your silver much less or hardly at all.  Very cool.  I have a tea service from my grandmother I would like to try it with.

The customer wanted to make sure I got the real thing, there are phonies.

There was some on Amazon but I got this from some one who actually makes it in Texas, The company was called, Silver Guard.   They were almost $3.00 cheaper per yard than Amazon.  They also sell different silver keepers that they make. The woman was very helpful, at first I didn’t order enough, and had to order more, then she explained some sewing tips to me. I was very happy with their customer service.  And their yards of fabric were always a little over which I appreciate!

Here is their website;   http://www.silverguard.com/c-6-pacific-silvercloth.aspx

I thought their ready made silver keeper  prices were reasonable, but the man contacted us to custom make him some strange sizes.  And I am so thankful he did, it was a good job for us.

Now for a little sewing tip:

The picture below shows the 2 sides of the fabric.  The  fuzzy side or the side with nap, is the treated side.  The flatter side which would normally be thought of as the wrong side of the fabric is what shows on the out side of the protective bags because the treated side is best against the silver.  So, Nap, when you see it on a pattern, is the fuzzy side.  Nap matters, it has an up and a down.  You smooth your hand over the nap and you can see the fabric will have a different sheen, or the color may even look lighter or darker, this happens with corduroy, velvet, sometimes, terry cloth etc.   When working with a fabric with a nap you must consider if you need more for all your pattern pieces to fit, because you don’t want to flip them. Or you will look like you used two different fabrics for your project that you didn’t want to look that way 🙂

The top is the nap side, the inside of the bag.  The bottom is the outside, sort of dull looking.  But this is just to store silver trays.

The customer asked for a monogram, we e mailed some choices and he picked this font.  Makes the drab bag look a little more classy!  Then we used an ivory cord for the draw cord.  I do prefer making pretty dresses, but, work is work right?  I thank God for His provision!