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Grand Opening!!

30 Aug

We have been working at getting acclimated in our new shop.  We have set our Grand opening date for next weekend!

The girls have figured out some make and takes for anyone who would like to do that. And we have door prizes and 2 themed raffle baskets. Both will have sewing goodies and other fun things in their theme!  We will draw winners Monday morning and you can pick up your basket any time after that during business hours!

There will be snacks, water, coffee and tea.

Sign ups for classes.. and 10% off everything in the store..

So bring a friend and come see us! We are looking forward to a fun weekend!

Pomegranate Place at work

30 Jul

Walked around this  morning after  doing  some  book-work  with  Olivia  and  this  is  what  was  happening!

Today our shop is closed..Hmmm… 🙂

Victoria is working on our friend’s wedding dress…bustling…let it be known every time we do this type of alteration we say…we are Not doing this again…Hmmm.

Olivia is doing books with me…mind you..Daddy’s books, Sewing books, and family books…

Kezia is taking care of our on line fabric sales..getting them ready to ship.. so thankful for our Etsy shop and the orders from our Etsy friends..

And here I am, I thought I was going to get out of this post, but the girls took a picture of my sleepy self being up since 3:30 this morning. We took some of our roosters to a farmer today and were there bright and early! I love farmers! They understand my time clock, early to bed, early to rise! Now 3:30 is terribly early, but 5:00 or 5:30 is nice..

So just a peek into what we do on the days the shop is closed!! 🙂 I am also so thankful for these young women who are happy to work with us in all our endeavors..They are such a blessing from God! May He bless them for their servant hearts!!

First days of brick and mortar business..

24 Jul

We had some good first days of our store being open.

We met new people, some from nearby and others from farther away.

Supportive friends stopped in for a visit..and even an opening gift! Sew sweet!

We had technical difficulties from our card reader. But we got some internet help and hope that is fixed!

We will be open again this Friday, Saturday, and Monday.. Having our Christmas in July Sale!

We have a google business page with our hours… Look up Pomegranate Place Ltd. ….it feels more and more real each day.

Still stocking our shelves and working out kinks before our grand opening..

Date to be announced!

A little sneak peak of our shop!
I am so thankful to my Father for this miracle!

Come in and see us! We would love to chat a little!

Opening our door tomorrow

18 Jul

We have been working all week to set up our quilt shop. It is an undertaking. Selling on line doesn’t require pricing on each bolt of fabric since we always have the price in our online listing… Wow, we have been pricing for 3 days!

So, we are taking the plunge. Tomorrow we will open at 10:00 a.m. and be open until 4:30 p.m.

We haven’t cleared our sign with zoning yet, so just look for the white building with a brick front and a pink door! 🙂

We have fabric, pre-cuts, some wool pieces, quilts, and children’s clothing pieces to start…modest beginning.

We will also be open Saturday 10:00 to 3:00 and Mondays  10:00-4:30!

A new venture

15 Jul

An update from our sewing business.  Over the last 10 years my daughters and I have sewn and sold designer cotton and other fabrics on line through the Etsy marketplace.

This spring we purchased a house with a shop on the property and we are in the middle of remodeling and getting ready to open a quilt shop!  We are humbled and excited! Humbled because we see this is bigger than us, way bigger!  And excited because, well, it is exciting to do a new thing, providing we have the energy and stamina to walk this big new thing.

So, updates will be coming and we hope to open some time this month!

We will be opening in process, so please as we move forward excuse our mess!

Here is our new logo:


Pomegranate Place Ltd.

Where there will be fabric, design, creativity, and friendliness 🙂



Quilting, memories saved..

21 Mar

This month we have been on a new adventure..

A dear friend of over 30 years who is now in her 80’s invited us to help her restore a quilt that is over 120 years old.  It was raveling because of the age of the fabrics.

This amazing quilt was hand done by her father’s mother..Back in those days her grandmother embroidered her children’s initials on separate blocks.

She also embroidered flowers on many of the squares. On one square there are little chicks. The whole quilt is pieced in the crazy quilt fashion and the pieces are ALL hand embroidered together.

Being a seamstress I noticed how well these fabrics have held up for over 120 years!

Very well made, high quality fabric.  The main fabrics that seemed to be in tatters was a black velvet that she embroidered some of her children’s initials on and a cream silk piece, where only the warp of the weave was left in tact, there was no weft or latitudinal weave left on that cream silk, interesting…

Also, being a needlewoman, the intricate embroidery stitches, and the variety of stitching, this dear woman was clearly a detail oriented woman. And a patient woman..she literally worked this quilt in patience.  She also was an industrious woman, this quilt was stitched on many a day and took many hours.

Being a mother this quilt speaks of a mother’s love for EACH of her children, how each is special and unique..This quilt is a treasure to my dear friend for many of these reasons on top of it’s visual beauty…



Another project she enlisted us to do was a little dutch girl quilt that her mother appliqued.  Many of the blocks were done by her mother and she enlisted some other women to make more to be enough for a quilt.  This quilt, we will stitch together with sashing and will put a back and then I will machine quilt it.

We are in process on this quilt, but it will be a precious memory of her mother to her.  She also mentioned to us how some of the fabrics she recognized from her childhood as her mother’s aprons and a neighbor lady’s aprons! How fun is that!

It is a joy to work on these because of their history and the love that is sewn into them.

It is also a joy to bring joy to our dear friend! She is a treasure to us! We love you Mama A!!!




Updating our website..

29 Apr

Taking some time today to evaluate our life and our sewing business.  Not there yet, but evaluating is a good thing, prioritizing, soul searching.

Spring and new life is energizing and after being sick for many months and actually having any creative juices flow is an extreme blessing and really makes me picture the sap coming up the tree to push out the beautiful flowers and leaves for us to enjoy all summer.

Infusion of hope, hope for life, for growth…Thankful for this..