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23 May

Today the boys got to go to our friends farm and mow and rake hay..I ran over to enjoy them enjoying!

I rode with my son who was raking..

Then, I got to ride with my son who was mowing..

As I rode I was thanking God for creation. For the simple pleasures, watching red wing blackbirds flying up and hopping about, catching a glimpse of a butterfly rising from the tall grass..and the smell of the fresh-cut hay.

I am also thankful for the opportunity for the boys to be able to farm..they enjoy it so.  It is a gift to be close to God’s earth, out in God’s fresh air, and gleaning from His bountiful earth.

My boys have had a rough couple of months, and I felt that God was healing them with these gifts and it did my heart good to watch them and join them on the tractors..and pray for God’s continued healing and grace..

God is a merciful, kind, and compassionate God..Even in our failures, our disappointments our pain, He is working for our good..And there is always a joy of knowing we are secure in His love for us and his care for each of us..His dear precious children..20160523_10031720160523_10034420160523_10040220160523_10040920160523_10203420160523_102039d02e8684-cd03-4f96-926f-e7b52ddc6db5



Gabriel and John Noah are graduating…

17 Sep

 They have finished all but a couple last things..we have been getting their transcripts together..my baby boys are grown up..

They went through school together..side by side all the way..

In the young years..oh! how they fought..but now..Thank the Lord..They are fast friends..

Different, very different..Both beautiful inside and out..Enjoy these pictures of 2 young men that a mother and father’s prayers follow..that He would make them servants of His to be His hands, feet, and loving heart in this world..


P1130676 Gabriel Rexford P1130672John Noah Stephen

P1130678 Yay! We finished!P11306807 of the 8 youngest P1130664See?..buds.. P1130660They have hayed with our neighbor on this tractor

P1130662 Gabe is working with a neighbor learning how to fix these machinesP1130656

 God, do bless these young men in their endeavors..P1130683 On their way to return the tractor..mama sees them in her minds eye launching on their ordained life paths..P1130685 This picture turned out great!…a song by an old group “Cruze” says..”I may not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future”..

Fly boys..Soar…♥

Boys Christmas giveaway..

17 Dec

Here is our boy’s tie giveaway.. We made these ties to go with our Winter collection and our Lavendar Fields Knot Dress!  These ties have velcro closure on the ties for easy on and off.  They are size 2-4 toddler!  Enjoy!


If you would like to win one of these ties, please just leave your choice..by indicating the number below the ties in the picture in a comment here on our blog.  Then, please stop by our Facebook page and leave a comment about which tie you would like.  There will be 3 winners for this giveaway!! How fun!

collage frosty collection 

collage LAVENDER 2The sister outfits are available on our website!

We will choose the winners of this giveaway on Friday, December 21, 2012 using  random.org.  Thank you!!

Enjoy being with your families this Blessed Season!

10 year old embroiderer…

14 Nov

My 10 year old thinks that a plain t-shirt is well, plain.  Since I got this embroidery machine the children are apt to say “Mom you could embroider that for me!

With home educating, and my many other duties of wife and mother, and a small family business, I can’t just embroider for them any time. 😦  So, I got the idea that if he wanted to help, why sure, he could have his shirts embroidered!

He agreed to babysit the machine and embroider these t-shirts he recently got as hand me overs from friends…

 He needed to keep the rest of the shirt out of the way…

 Then there are the thread changes…

 This bird design was at least an hour in the making…

 5 shirts, we did 3 on Friday and 2 on Saturday, almost 5 hours of embroidering.

He did a great job!! A++ and now he has some wonderful shirts!!


Little boys sewing project…

22 Aug

I put my younger boys to work in the sewing room last week cleaning out my scrap fabric.

I have lots of cut offs from our sewing business.

No sooner did they start sorting colors for me, they were asking “Mom, can I have this piece”  It got to the point I just let them pick what they wanted and we sorted the remainder.

“Hey mom, we could make aprons!!”  Well the scraps weren’t big enough, so I suggested they sew pieces together and then cut their aprons out.

I made them a paper pattern and let them go to town.  The girls and especially  their 12 year old sister helped them and they came up with some really cute ideas.

 My 6 year old…He is so funny… he speed sews!  Not so great on the stitches but he loves to go fast!

Here  he is checking his work..

 3 1/2 can pick up everyone’s scraps, his 10 year old brother made his apron..

 They like to wear them on Sunday, so they don’t mess up their church clothes!

 And the back…

 I’m just so pleased they got the idea and carried it to the finish!! Great job and very original 🙂

Embroidery for the family…

28 Apr

I found some t-shirts at Marc’s the other day, 2 for .99 I had to grab them.

My husband wears t-shirts for his work.

I embroidered them yesterday and today, 3 for my husband, and the other 5 for my sons.

Then they had some toddler sizes so, I couldn’t pass those up either.  I like for my boys to look neat.  Especially home educating, I require them to show up dressed clean for school in the morning.  Part of  loving your neighbor.  Not that a plain t-shirt isn’t O.K., but this Mama doesn’t want her boys wishing she would sew for them instead of everybody else!  They are my priority.

These pictures aren’t so great, but I’ve been sewing a lot today. 🙂

I am so thankful for this embroidery machine! It has really been a blessing!

Time to get upstairs and get the children to bed!  And Mama too!

Sewing a shirt sleeve placket..tutorial..

2 Feb

Finally we did this placket and finished the linen shirts!  Life is full!

I want to start by saying I purchased Fiona Bell’s book “Sewn With Love”. This book has classic patterns for children’s clothing.  The patterns are on a cd and you print them off for your use.

The sewing instructions are in the book with some pictures but scanty.  I have been sewing for 34 years and had never done a man’s shirt, or boy’s shirt with the button cuff and placket.  This appealed to me and some of the other styles in the book also, piqued my curiosity so I purchased it.

I have 8 boys and my husband and thought a shirt would be a good thing to know how to make.

I practiced on a little flannel shirt for my 3-year-old.  Then Victoria and I made my 15-year-old a John Deere print cotton shirt, and my 8-year-old a different John Deere print cotton shirt.

My dream was to be able to make cool 100% linen “church” or dress shirts.

Again, I started with my baby boys, smaller, less fabric to mess up and waste, right?

After 5 shirts, the plackets are getting easier, but the instructions in the book are not descriptive and helpful enough for an advanced beginner to understand.  Victoria, my 19-year-old, fresh brained daughter and I decided to do this tutorial together.

If you ever want to tackle a button sleeve placket we hope this helps you!!!

1.  Line up sleeve and placket piece …wrong side of sleeve fabric to right side of placket piece..

Notice the placket rectangle piece is cut at approximately the 1/3 point.

We’ll use thin side and fat side for our terminology 🙂
So sorry this linen is hard to tell right side from wrong side.  This pattern didn’t advise cutting your placket first, but this way worked best for us.

Now sew placket and sleeve together around cut making a u seam with 1/4″ seam allowance.

Then snip at angles up to corners of  “u” seam to make a good cornered turn…

Now you are ready to do the thin side of your placket..

First you invert your placket to the right side of your sleeve..

You will fold the outer edge of the thin side 1/4″ and press…Then fold in again and press, thus covering your thin side of your “u” seam with an approximate 3/8″ folded seam and raw edge “cover”

Now I make a little dot with my handy water soluble marker a tiny bit above my thin side “u” seam corner.  You can see it if you look closely

This little dot is where we are going to sew up to.  You can pin if you like.

Now you take the sleeve to your machine and sew a nice top stitch very close to the edge of your fold up to the pin or marking we just made.

After stitching up to the marking you snip off the excess 3/8″ folded fabric approximately 1/2″ above your “u” seam and in a perpendicular cut to your 3/8″ fold.  Now turn your scissors and continue cutting the excess fabric off the placket piece in a parallel  cut, removing the end of the 3/8″ fold on the thin side.

Now we are ready for the fat side, the side you see when you look at a shirt.

First we fold the fat side of the placket piece into thirds.  Press the first third, then fold over and press the second third, right side of placket fabric ending up on the out side.

Now we are ready to make the 45 degree angle folds for the pointed professional look.

First 45, then tuck under and pin the next 45 for your triangle top finish

You can press to help hold your shape and then you’re ready to stitch..

Stitch up outside of folded fat side just covering your “u” seam on the fat side of your sleeve..continue up and around the point and down to 1/4″ past your original placket cut..then stitch across the newly sewn placket parallel to the point…

I put this finished picture in to show we top stitching is on the side of placket on the sleeve not toward the opening.

Now you are ready to attach your cuff!

If you got this far the cuff is easy!! And your pattern instructions should be explanatory for that step!


Here are my guys wearing these linen shirts..

You can kind of see the cuffs 🙂

Hope this is helpful to someone! Thank you to Victoria for all her help on this tutorial! I couldn’t have done it without her!