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Easter Finery

6 Apr

We had the privilege of singing in a sunrise service at a local community church yesterday..It was glorious to wake up get dressed and go sing praises to God and remember the resurrection of His son Jesus!  It was EARLY!!   We were there just before 6:00 a.m.

Spring is such a beautiful time to remember God’s faithfulness, His creation, His life giving power!  Grass is greening. Buds are ready to burst and the air is warming..We are thankful for His faithfulness to us in many ways..one being the coming of spring each year…..
P1160905The girls..they made the dresses..and Olivia made the crocheted flowers for their belts and their hair..
P1160910 The boys..men..plus our Choir director..Darius McBride..P1160908The girls and I we also made my dress last year..and Olivia helped me to crochet my little flower..


Our family..

I pray He makes us more aware and more thankful in every aspect of  our lives..  In Him we live and move and have our being..

He is the author and finisher of our faith..He alone is worthy to be praised, honored, and glorified..

A family photo…

11 Jan

This past Christmas we were privileged, well 8 of us were privileged to sing in a choir directed by Miss Peggy on Christmas Eve at the Atwater Congregational Church in Atwater, Ohio…

While this is not our church, we have been attending hymn sings once a month on Thursday nights.  This church is 5 minutes from us and the people are so welcoming and sweet..coupled with the opportunity to sing hymns glorifying God and be in this beautiful historic church, it is soothing to the soul!

Back to Christmas Eve..I had Olivia bring her camera since we would all be in our choir attire and matching…hoping some obliging person would take a family photo of us!

Mr. W. from the choir knew that a talented, professional photographer was coming that night and he sent him home for his camera!  After the sweet service this dear man took our picture and here is how it came out..I am a mother to adults..they grow so fast!


Thank you Mr. Swanson for the lovely photo and thank you Mr. W. for arranging it for us ♥

Victoria made the guys ties and the little boys especially like to match their daddy and their big brothers!

So thankful to all for the picture and the opportunity to sing in a choir!!

Boys tie giveaway winner!…

22 Dec

The winners in our boys tie giveaway are as follows…

1. Mrs. Melody

2. Mrs. Sara

3. Miss Anna

Congratulations ladies!

Thank you for participating!! I’ll mail out your ties on Monday 🙂


10 year old embroiderer…

14 Nov

My 10 year old thinks that a plain t-shirt is well, plain.  Since I got this embroidery machine the children are apt to say “Mom you could embroider that for me!

With home educating, and my many other duties of wife and mother, and a small family business, I can’t just embroider for them any time. 😦  So, I got the idea that if he wanted to help, why sure, he could have his shirts embroidered!

He agreed to babysit the machine and embroider these t-shirts he recently got as hand me overs from friends…

 He needed to keep the rest of the shirt out of the way…

 Then there are the thread changes…

 This bird design was at least an hour in the making…

 5 shirts, we did 3 on Friday and 2 on Saturday, almost 5 hours of embroidering.

He did a great job!! A++ and now he has some wonderful shirts!!


Little boys sewing project…

22 Aug

I put my younger boys to work in the sewing room last week cleaning out my scrap fabric.

I have lots of cut offs from our sewing business.

No sooner did they start sorting colors for me, they were asking “Mom, can I have this piece”  It got to the point I just let them pick what they wanted and we sorted the remainder.

“Hey mom, we could make aprons!!”  Well the scraps weren’t big enough, so I suggested they sew pieces together and then cut their aprons out.

I made them a paper pattern and let them go to town.  The girls and especially  their 12 year old sister helped them and they came up with some really cute ideas.

 My 6 year old…He is so funny… he speed sews!  Not so great on the stitches but he loves to go fast!

Here  he is checking his work..

 3 1/2 can pick up everyone’s scraps, his 10 year old brother made his apron..

 They like to wear them on Sunday, so they don’t mess up their church clothes!

 And the back…

 I’m just so pleased they got the idea and carried it to the finish!! Great job and very original 🙂

Embroidery for the family…

28 Apr

I found some t-shirts at Marc’s the other day, 2 for .99 I had to grab them.

My husband wears t-shirts for his work.

I embroidered them yesterday and today, 3 for my husband, and the other 5 for my sons.

Then they had some toddler sizes so, I couldn’t pass those up either.  I like for my boys to look neat.  Especially home educating, I require them to show up dressed clean for school in the morning.  Part of  loving your neighbor.  Not that a plain t-shirt isn’t O.K., but this Mama doesn’t want her boys wishing she would sew for them instead of everybody else!  They are my priority.

These pictures aren’t so great, but I’ve been sewing a lot today. 🙂

I am so thankful for this embroidery machine! It has really been a blessing!

Time to get upstairs and get the children to bed!  And Mama too!

March 2012..

2 Apr

In our sewing business we have had an extreme month.

We are very happy about that, but it has been very consuming.

Here are some items we shipped in the last couple of days…

These 5 items went to Spain, that was very exciting for us!  The ruffle bloomers were all her request, she got a size 5 for her daughter to play in at the playground.  On our website we offer the white bloomers up to size 3.  Never put  your ideas in a box!!

The two monogrammed bloomers went to a set of mothers expecting at the same time in Marietta, Georgia.  The ruffled 3 month size went to a mama in New Mexico.

Last minute Easter ties went to Texas.

It is really fun to see where people are and amazing to see how you can do business and communicate to far away places from your home.

We  have more sewing to do, school, and I am beginning to feel better.  I just have to accept my limitations and realize that I am a human being and not a machine!

Our sewing room got a face lift this month, with our flood on March 17th the floor had to be replaced, and my husband and boys painted the room since it was empty.

The walls are yellow on the sides and on the ends (since the room is so long) we chose a green.  The coral door is my consolation for not being by the beach 🙂

This floor is very practical, you just lay it out and no glue is required.  It is mold resistant and it can be under water for a week and not be ruined.  A good thing on a ground level floor!

This is my newly re covered sleeve and pant leg ironing board.  It was on the floor when the flood hit.  So, some good things came out of that bad experience.

Just for fun here are our little goat kids having a bottle 🙂

Onward and upward…