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Gabriel and John Noah are graduating…

17 Sep

 They have finished all but a couple last things..we have been getting their transcripts together..my baby boys are grown up..

They went through school together..side by side all the way..

In the young years..oh! how they fought..but now..Thank the Lord..They are fast friends..

Different, very different..Both beautiful inside and out..Enjoy these pictures of 2 young men that a mother and father’s prayers follow..that He would make them servants of His to be His hands, feet, and loving heart in this world..


P1130676 Gabriel Rexford P1130672John Noah Stephen

P1130678 Yay! We finished!P11306807 of the 8 youngest P1130664See?..buds.. P1130660They have hayed with our neighbor on this tractor

P1130662 Gabe is working with a neighbor learning how to fix these machinesP1130656

 God, do bless these young men in their endeavors..P1130683 On their way to return the tractor..mama sees them in her minds eye launching on their ordained life paths..P1130685 This picture turned out great!…a song by an old group “Cruze” says..”I may not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future”..

Fly boys..Soar…♥

A summer art project…

28 Jun

Our sewing room floor needed replaced as a result of a flood in our lower level.

The floor is beautiful and a vinyl product in case of a recurring water problem.

It is not rated for my rolling sewing chair and I noticed that it started to wave around my chair.

Our solution was an office mat for underneath my chair.  The office mats and plexi-glass we were thinking of were too expensive…so I asked my husband, the carpenter, if he had any plywood scraps in the garage…

We cut the ply wood to fit…

My eldest put a 45 degree angle all around the out side, not for easy roll on and off because I am “strictly prohibited” from rolling on the new floor. 🙂

But the 45 degree angle is to protect all of the travelers through the sewing room from stubbing their toes!!!!!

The best part is I employed my dear younger children to paint a mural on the “ugly”  plywood  in the theme of their mother’s favorite place…the beach!

My littlest girl working on her palm tree…

My eight year old working on the palm…

Working together to get the mat finished cause mama needed to sew!!!

Here are all the artists… They did an awesome job!  My 13 year old boy did the light house on the island..They all helped with the sand, sea, and sky…My 8 year old boy did the sail boat and the butterflies…my 10 year old did the dolphin that looks like a killer whale 🙂 and the starfish in the corner… My 12 year old did the palm, pink flamingo, blue heron, sea grapes,  and the salmony orange hibiscus in the corner.  I am amazed!!!

It fits perfect!

The offending chair in it’s rightful place 🙂

Oh how I love summer!  The children seem to all take growth spurts after the heavy academics all year.  They grow in physical strength and stretch their minds as they get to stretch their limbs in the fresh air and sunshine.

A note on the content of the mural, we spent a year living in South Florida, and all these elements on the board were witnessed first hand by the children.

The fruit of training…

3 Feb

Last night while I was posting a sewing tutorial that had been in my mind for a couple of weeks.  My first-born son sat down at the entreaty of his baby brother and read to his little brothers and sisters in “Cushy” our big chair that a friend gave us when they didn’t need it any more…

Little baby brother is snoozing behind:-)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.  There is no recipe.  There is no easy way.  Training is day in, day out.  Love is spelled T-I-M-E.

Teach me your way O Lord, and I will walk in your truth, give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name…

Train them to fear (reverence, respect) the Lord, and His ways…


..preferring others above yourself

..looking in His word for directions how to live

..committing your way to Him and letting Him direct your path.

..He must increase I must decrease

..It is not wise to compare yourselves one to another

God’s word is full of counsel.  If we would but follow it.  Not take a piece and run with it.  But follow.  Go behind it.  Heed it.  Read the Bible in it’s entirety.  See God’s counsel as a whole.  See it as good.  See it as more than relevant for us today.  See it as our very life’s breath.

Then we would be beginning to walk in the fear of the Lord, and the blessing that comes with it.

Motherhood is a calling.  God does not call and leave us without instruction.  I love it when someone tells me what to do and I can just go at it!  That is what I have done with Mothering children, young, old, not my own, adult, elderly.

To rest in His love and care for us… like this little guy.

Trust Him to show you how to be a mother to your children.

Seek Him in His word and prayer.

Then do what He says.  Do it for His smile.  Do it for His delight.  Do it to show your love for Him who gave His all for you!

Peace! Shalom!

An easy yoke…

24 Jan

I have been pondering much lately, Jesus’s words “My yoke is easy, My burden light.”  In the world I grew up in you had to take charge and get what you wanted.  No one was going to push you aside or keep you from your goal.

As a new creation in Christ since February 24, 1986 my frame of reference, my world view, my perspective have been in a constant transformation.  The Bible talks about being conformed into the image of Christ.  There is no way that I, knowing myself am like Jesus.  But, there is a supernatural transformation that He says is happening.  He is God.  Am I going to buck Him and say that I am hopeless?

My yoke lately has seemed too heavy to bear.  The realization is dawning on me that my yoke isn’t His yoke.

Being a child of God, my first priority is talking with my Father and Savior.  Getting wisdom, counsel, love, all I need from Him.

Being a wife, my second priority is respecting and serving my husband.  (this is my weakest spiritual muscle)

Being a mother, my third priority is training and loving my children.

Being a child of God, my fourth priority is loving and serving my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Being a human being, my fifth priority is loving mankind and being a blessing to society.

Sunday at church we went over the Book of Titus.  In one section, it spoke of a woman’s place… The home…unfortunately them’s fightin’ words today.

Paul writing to Titus actually said that if a woman isn’t a keeper, worker, guarder, etc. of the home the Word of God would be reproached, blashpemed, spoken evil of, scoffed, made of none effect!  WHOA!  Who cares about fighting words?  The Lord God inspired Paul to write those words.  He can not lie.  He is truth.

The question is, do I care more for what others say than for what God my creator and Savior says?

I have fought some of God’s transforming in my heart, shamefully, I have thought I knew better than Him.  Today while pondering my yoke, and looking at the list above.  Just living those 5 things is a full time job!

My home has become a very industrious place.  We learn here, eat here, sleep here, work here, and try to live and love each other here.

Today, my prayer is that God would allow me to get past those voices of guilt, that would say in my ear “you aren’t doing enough”.   I want to please God, wear His yoke and be thankful for His plan for my life.  And His plan for other’s lives.

We all have a purpose, let us seek it and our affirmation from Him.  The ONLY wise God to whom belongs all Glory and Honor forever.

Dear Lord, cause me to become as your little child, to delight in you and your favor.  Amen.

Boys clothing…

13 Jan

We had 2 birthdays at our house this week.

One of my sons turned 15.  We made him a shirt, we have been working on getting a shirt pattern we all like, the boys need to like it to wear it, and we need to be able to construct them.   Victoria and I cut this shirt from one of my other son’s shirts.

She seam ripped the shirt and we ironed the pieces and paid close attention to the way the manufacturer made the shirt.  So, far this is our favorite pattern.  We have made adjustments and a few small design changes.  Also, we had to size the shirt up because it was for an older boy.  We used fabric we had here, since January is really slow business wise for my husband.  Here is what we came up with..

Victoria matched the pocket so well you can hardly tell it has a pocket! Good job Victoria!

Olivia made the touring cap.  It is fully reversible, denim on one side and a stripe homespun weave on the opposite.  She made the hat from one that someone gave us.  She eyed it.  We didn’t take it apart.  Olivia and Victoria are both excellent at drawing and really have an eye for detail.  I’m excited for their gifts and the diligence they are putting in to developing them.

Their brother really appreciated his gifts!

On resourcefulness, it heartens me to be able to pass resourcefulness, ingenuity,  and creativity on to the girls, and all the children.  It is good for us to work with what we have.   To experiment and create with our hands.  I really enjoy learning with my head, but I am so thankful for being able to learn and to teach with my whole self!  Hands on, mind on, heart on!

I wanted to share this little pair of big boy pants, again, Victoria seam ripped and I put these together for my 3 year old who is very close to being 100% potty trained.

Don’t get me wrong, patterns are a wonderful thing! Convenient, etc.  And we definitely use them when we can.  But, when you don’t have one, you can be resourceful!  This is especially fun when there is something you have that you really like and they don’t make that style any more.  Just seam rip it or cut it apart and make yourself or a loved one a new one!

My other son’s shirt isn’t done yet.  We used a pattern for it, we just have sew much going on here!  The two linen shirts we are going to do a tutorial on are also still in progress.  Onward and upward!

The joys and freedom of Home educating…

15 Oct

I was blessed this week again with the realization of the privilege I have to home educate my children.

To be able to watch them grow and learn and grasp concepts.  To watch them dig in to their school work, and to watch them enjoy a field trip.  To see them be friends with each other and work and play together.  These are some of the joys.

The freedom of on Thursday after Bible and History to say “today we are going to the park, everyone get ready!”  They were so surprised because a lot of times my husband has the van and we just can’t all go somewhere.

We went to Quail Hollow State park here in Ohio. We stopped at the herb garden, one of mom’s favorite places and learned some names of plants.

We got a nice bit of exercise on a hike and then I had them sketch the reflection of a stand of trees on the pond.  A few of my children really have a talent at drawing and I think it great practice for all to try to capture what they see and use the eye hand coordination to transfer it through their pencil to the paper.  Drawing drills :-).  And of course the added benefit of being out in God’s creation and appreciating His design, His diversity and His majesty just to name a few of His characteristics that come out on a nature walk.   Learning of Him as we walk by the way…



Deuteronomy 6:4-7

Unfinished lists…

24 Sep

Sometimes, many times wrenches are thrown into our plans 🙂

Some of us can deal smoothly, and glide along with the new plan.  Some struggle.  I struggle.  Sometimes we get a wrench thrown in just when we need it, or we can see that this wrench is good in this situation.  Other times the wrench bonks us in the head, or the shin, or the gut, and it doesn’t feel good at all.  We can learn from all the wrenches if we have eyes to see and ears to hear!

I had a beautiful wrench this past Friday.  I got a call from a young mother at church who was in labor and had invited me to be present at her little ones birth.

Whoa, what a privilege!  A very privileged wrench!  The kind that there is no question of what you should do, you get going!!!  The older children were assigned younger children to watch and help with school.  The girl’s had to get a couple of sewing orders out.  I quickly did some top stitching on some things that had to go. Then I was on my way.  I wasn’t the only one invited there were 4 others.

It was a privilege to serve this courageous mother!  I have only been at my own births and I know it takes courage and mostly reliance on God’s promise to be with us always.





Crying out for Mercy

Receiving that Mercy

Crying out for Strength

Receiving that Strength

Enduring til the birth

Seeing that new soul that has been nurtured for 9 (really 10 months, 40 weeks)



Realization of the awesome trust you have been given





God is beyond good, and how can we thank Him, or grasp, or realize, the incredible gift of working with Him, of being given a place in His master plan?

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it… Prov. 22.6

.. but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  Eph. 6:4b

And did not he make one? Yet had he the residue of the spirit. And wherefore one? That he might seek a godly seed. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let none deal treacherously against the wife of his youth.  Mal 2:15

And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Gal. 6:9

I stand in awe of His Mercy, His Grace, His Power, His Sovereignty, His plan of redemption…

Unfinished lists? Wrenches? Or Blessings in disguise?