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23 May

Today the boys got to go to our friends farm and mow and rake hay..I ran over to enjoy them enjoying!

I rode with my son who was raking..

Then, I got to ride with my son who was mowing..

As I rode I was thanking God for creation. For the simple pleasures, watching red wing blackbirds flying up and hopping about, catching a glimpse of a butterfly rising from the tall grass..and the smell of the fresh-cut hay.

I am also thankful for the opportunity for the boys to be able to farm..they enjoy it so.  It is a gift to be close to God’s earth, out in God’s fresh air, and gleaning from His bountiful earth.

My boys have had a rough couple of months, and I felt that God was healing them with these gifts and it did my heart good to watch them and join them on the tractors..and pray for God’s continued healing and grace..

God is a merciful, kind, and compassionate God..Even in our failures, our disappointments our pain, He is working for our good..And there is always a joy of knowing we are secure in His love for us and his care for each of us..His dear precious children..20160523_10031720160523_10034420160523_10040220160523_10040920160523_10203420160523_102039d02e8684-cd03-4f96-926f-e7b52ddc6db5



January at our house..

30 Jan

On the  ninth we had a young man turn 17..He doesn’t really have red eyes 🙂

P1110374 On the 11th we had a youngster turn 10…He is displaying a picture made by his sister and framed by his brother …

P1110410Below said brother and sister enjoying their brother’s joy..along with his mother…


The chickens are being very good to us for feeding and housing them..

P1110472We have some young colonials acting out their father’s history reading…

P1110540 The youngest colonial..

P1110541I designed this pillow with a “skirt” to cheer up our wicker love seat..

Which incidentally was gracing our sewing room and my January cabin fever, blues, “Let me out of here!”, I’ve got to have a change..side..moved up to the living room and I wanted to take this picture so when the children began sitting on it and making it unrecognizable I could pull this up and prove that indeed, one day..it looked nice 🙂


A trip to Florida, sitting on the beach and enjoying the sea air was more what I had in mind..BUT..necessity is the mother of invention after all  :-)…

And last but not least the guys had to replace our 2 1000 gallon septic tanks

IMG_0688Our very kind neighbor brought his mini excavator over and dug the hole for a very reasonable fee…which took most of the day since it was 2 below zero and felt like 20 below..
IMG_0689Our other neighbor who is in construction brought over his laser transit and was of much help in the advice area…
IMG_0690The boys, and young men were constantly on hand and we couldn’t have done it without them..Then the miracle..the septic tank man just “happened” to stop by and our neighbor said we should ask if he could deliver the tanks that same day..he said he could but he would need some time to get them out of the ice at his lot..Well, he did and delivered them and put them in the holes…The amazing thing for me was how he just drove up our front yard and around back and it was like there wasn’t a speck of snow or ice on the ground…

Because he was able to do that our neighbor with the excavator could backfill  and it was all done but hooking it up to the house and leach line..this was done the next day and we are up and running..Miracles come in strange forms..this was a most welcome miracle..septic systems are a huge need in January in Ohio with 13 people in the house!!!  Thank you Lord! for working this all out for us!

Is it spring yet?  🙂

Designing, fabric, and life…

21 Aug

First the fabric!  We got this Christmas fabric in from Moda.  It is more wintery which I like because it lasts the whole season, not just Christmas. We just allowed ourselves 5 coordinating prints.  Since we lived in Florida a year, I began to love aqua’s and other greens at the holiday season 🙂

 I’m looking forward to some jammy pants or lounge pants for my boys out of these snowmen.  It is hard to tell but there are sweet little red birds on this print too!  We are also planning some other girl things!!

Might seem a little early to be looking at winter fabrics, but I’ve got to think ahead!

Over this summer we have been preserving food for the winter

Here my daughter is blanching corn for her brothers…she has to do de-hair quality control on her smaller brothers who do shucking duty.. The older boys set up outside under a tent and cut the corn off the cobs after it cools in the cooler full of water…they have quite a system going, would you believe I just popped up now and then to make sure everyone was safe and toward the end I enjoyed shucking with the little ones… Just two or so weeks ago we did tomatoes…we do them as they come and we had a bad start this year.  My son planted a different variety for an experiment. They are called determinates.  They are in bush form and they don’t need to be staked up.  We got a variety for paste.  The first part of the crop would rot at the end.  After some research he found that there is something called blossom end rot.  He found that the plants needed calcium.  We have good soil because we sweeten it with our composted goat manure.  So he decided to get Epsom salts, which have magnesium in them.  He put this around the tomatoes to help them absorb the calcium that was in the soil!  And they began to do better!  We will get more tomatoes in a week or so.  And should be able to get a better yield.

 Here my oldest is putting up his broccoli harvest, the same night we were doing tomatoes.   He froze it in one l pound increments for me!

The baby (my baby) 🙂 is helping with dishes in preparation to do the tomatoes.  We chose to do paste, or juice with this batch.  We use it for tomato soup and in other soups.

Here is some of our yield on a shelf that my older boys made for me last year.  The difficulty we run into with a house that has no basement is where to put these cans???  This is just a portion of this years work.  I think it’s kind of pretty!

Just today my 5th born helped me to do green beans.

We’ve also done some jams and pie fillings and peaches.  But now that I’m writing this I’m realizing I need to think about some apple sauce!

Just a word for moms, do let the children help.  Do let them know how vital they are to your family!  It is a very good thing!!

So, I am thankful in August before many people may be thinking about harvest!

And I am thankful that the children are so helpful…and right now there is a little one upstairs who needs mama to talk to him!

Last baby goats for this spring..

7 Jun

Sunday May 27 our Alpine doe, April, kidded.  She was 3 days past our scheduled due date.  I had just lain down for a Sunday rest and my daughter came and said “Mom, April is pushing”.   Up I jumped, got the camera, and went out to give moral support to the girls…

Olivia and Victoria are helping April, this kid was small but her brother’s front leg was in the birth canal with her.  April needed help.

Here she is, her name is Hope.  She is a tiny thing.

This is the next guy.  He was larger and April had lost a lot of energy in the first delivery.

This is our last kidding for this spring.  Now we need to get ready for summer gardening and canning.

The strawberries came in early this year, we’ve already picked and processed about 18 gallons of fresh strawberries.

I’m thankful for the Lord’s bounty.

Spring, birthdays, warm weather…

19 May

This month we celebrated my birthday, mother’s day and my daughter’s birthday is this week.

For my birthday and mother’s day my family did some work around our home.

My husband cut down a willow tree.  This tree was so beautiful when it was living.  But, I think ants killed it.  It was a very scary thing for me as branches would fall in storms.  So, he became my hero when he slayed the tree and saved my children from being crushed under neath!  I have too vivid of an imagination!!!

The boys were giving tension to help the tree to fall in the right direction.


Big tree!

Victory lunch!

Oldest son, learning to use chain saw.  Cleaning up.

We made this little blue bird homeless. 😦  So, there was a log from the tree that the wood peckers ate out and we stacked two on top of each other.  The blue birds nested and now have 3 eggs in the nest! 🙂

They are very happy here!  We love to watch them while we are doing school in the morning.

After cutting up the beast which took about 4 hours we ate dinner… Then we went to our 92 year old friend’s house who also had her birthday this month and cut down two small trees.

While the guys and children were working we enjoyed a cup of tea.

Can you believe she is 92!  She is a peach!

Victoria made me cherry pie and my 10 year old guy made me a little blueberry cinnamon roll with the extra crust!  Yummy!

A worship cd from my oldest.  We have this cd it just got worn out!

A fabric posie wreath from my 3 artistic daughters!  A very tired tree man in this picture 🙂

We love bon-fires!

It was a lovely day.

Just today the boys and my husband finished a little patio in front of our back door.




Wow! what a difference! Beautiful work!

I am so thankful for all they did and are doing around here!  It is good to get some things done that have been on the list for a long time.  The warm weather and promise of summer minister to this heart of mine!

Health wise I’m still struggling.  It must be a lesson in pride.  In my earlier years, I would have been Mrs. Tom-boy, doing all these projects with the guys. Now I’m reduced to cheer-leader and very thank-ful mom.

Time for the Sabbath, time to wind down and be thankful and rest.

Praise to the Creator of all!





More goat kids…

14 Apr

Thursday at around 3:00 in the afternoon, our “Bess” had 3 buck kids

The first was a big boy, about the size of our 2 week old does, he came head and shoulders first.

The second was a little spindly guy, he came breach.

The third was the biggest, and he came much later after 6:00 p.m. He also came breech.

That was our longest kidding session.  Bess, the mama, did well for what she had to do!

This is the little guy getting his cord tied off.

This is our friend from Oklahoma, keeping little guy nice and warm.

The first and second hanging out waiting for the last guy to be born.  This is my favorite picture, a relaxing evening in the barn!  (for some baby goats maybe 🙂

Here they all are!  See the guy on the right? Whew!  We don’t weigh them but we’re guessing at least 10 pounds, that is big for a goat kid, when the mama is carrying triplets!!

We are all happy, and tired, we bottle feed our kids so, there have been shifts going out around the clock.  Tonight we’ll go 8 hours between feeding.

We are glad, last year was a very bad year for kidding.

We are thankful!  And how nice that our friends were here and could see them born!

We are sewing a lot, we’ll be putting up a crochet rug tutorial soon.

Shalom, Peace…

March 2012..

2 Apr

In our sewing business we have had an extreme month.

We are very happy about that, but it has been very consuming.

Here are some items we shipped in the last couple of days…

These 5 items went to Spain, that was very exciting for us!  The ruffle bloomers were all her request, she got a size 5 for her daughter to play in at the playground.  On our website we offer the white bloomers up to size 3.  Never put  your ideas in a box!!

The two monogrammed bloomers went to a set of mothers expecting at the same time in Marietta, Georgia.  The ruffled 3 month size went to a mama in New Mexico.

Last minute Easter ties went to Texas.

It is really fun to see where people are and amazing to see how you can do business and communicate to far away places from your home.

We  have more sewing to do, school, and I am beginning to feel better.  I just have to accept my limitations and realize that I am a human being and not a machine!

Our sewing room got a face lift this month, with our flood on March 17th the floor had to be replaced, and my husband and boys painted the room since it was empty.

The walls are yellow on the sides and on the ends (since the room is so long) we chose a green.  The coral door is my consolation for not being by the beach 🙂

This floor is very practical, you just lay it out and no glue is required.  It is mold resistant and it can be under water for a week and not be ruined.  A good thing on a ground level floor!

This is my newly re covered sleeve and pant leg ironing board.  It was on the floor when the flood hit.  So, some good things came out of that bad experience.

Just for fun here are our little goat kids having a bottle 🙂

Onward and upward…