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A new venture

15 Jul

An update from our sewing business.  Over the last 10 years my daughters and I have sewn and sold designer cotton and other fabrics on line through the Etsy marketplace.

This spring we purchased a house with a shop on the property and we are in the middle of remodeling and getting ready to open a quilt shop!  We are humbled and excited! Humbled because we see this is bigger than us, way bigger!  And excited because, well, it is exciting to do a new thing, providing we have the energy and stamina to walk this big new thing.

So, updates will be coming and we hope to open some time this month!

We will be opening in process, so please as we move forward excuse our mess!

Here is our new logo:


Pomegranate Place Ltd.

Where there will be fabric, design, creativity, and friendliness 🙂



Updating our website..

29 Apr

Taking some time today to evaluate our life and our sewing business.  Not there yet, but evaluating is a good thing, prioritizing, soul searching.

Spring and new life is energizing and after being sick for many months and actually having any creative juices flow is an extreme blessing and really makes me picture the sap coming up the tree to push out the beautiful flowers and leaves for us to enjoy all summer.

Infusion of hope, hope for life, for growth…Thankful for this..



Sewing therapy

7 Apr

Sew much time has passed.

So many moments..Looking forward..have recently had enough energy and creative juices to create.

Very thankful for that. Health is a gift that should not be taken for granted.

Some bucket list items I worked on the last 2 weeks. I am also enjoying quilting.

Along with home educating the life is full.  Enjoy your day!


23 May

Today the boys got to go to our friends farm and mow and rake hay..I ran over to enjoy them enjoying!

I rode with my son who was raking..

Then, I got to ride with my son who was mowing..

As I rode I was thanking God for creation. For the simple pleasures, watching red wing blackbirds flying up and hopping about, catching a glimpse of a butterfly rising from the tall grass..and the smell of the fresh-cut hay.

I am also thankful for the opportunity for the boys to be able to farm..they enjoy it so.  It is a gift to be close to God’s earth, out in God’s fresh air, and gleaning from His bountiful earth.

My boys have had a rough couple of months, and I felt that God was healing them with these gifts and it did my heart good to watch them and join them on the tractors..and pray for God’s continued healing and grace..

God is a merciful, kind, and compassionate God..Even in our failures, our disappointments our pain, He is working for our good..And there is always a joy of knowing we are secure in His love for us and his care for each of us..His dear precious children..20160523_10031720160523_10034420160523_10040220160523_10040920160523_10203420160523_102039d02e8684-cd03-4f96-926f-e7b52ddc6db5



Fun, new quilting technique

10 Mar

Last fall I came upon a quilt on pintrest that caught my eye. I visited the link and it was a blog by a young woman named Jera Brandvig.  She has developed a fun technique called quilt as you go..I’m sure it is not original to her, but she has developed it well and describes it in her book, Quilt as you go/Made modern.


I got a copy and made up some quilts..the backing isn’t my favorite technique but the front presents so beautifully and I did these quilts in 10 to 12 hours each..

The first quilt, I gave to a friend along with a table runner, and the second I incorporated a beautiful panel from a company that screen prints scripture verses. This quilt I gave to my adopted mother who is staying in a nursing home for rehabilitation.


These were 9 inch blocks and quilted on the backing as described in Jera’s book.

This quilt was made with beautiful screen printed psalms, so encouraging!





This particular fabric collection is by a designer named, Brenda Riddle, her collection is called Windermere by Moda Fabrics..We carry many of these beautiful prints in our Etsy fabric shop …As I was saying about the backing, you basically, stitch in the ditch around the blocks that you have quilted on the front..This leaves the back a little droopy in my opinion.  But, if you have smaller blocks on the front this would be taken care of.  Unfortunately, I am usually speeding through quilts, and other projects because of my many duties..I am not able in this stage of my life to leisurely quilt, or enjoy the process..There will maybe come a time..

My husband and family come first. They deserve that. I am so thankful for them, and for the dear friends for whom these quilts were made.

So, I decided to offer this book in our Etsy Shop, Pomegranate Place, and let Jera do the teaching through her book..Just follow the link at the beginning of this post and Enjoy!!!

Photo shoot…

17 Jul

DSC_0896We have been very busy lately with our sewing business, and summer canning and just life.. We contracted with Goodyear aerospace to make slip covers for the Goodyear blimp..and that has been a long process..the girls are planning to finish those this week.

In the midst of that we have been preparing for our first show…”A day in the Country” to be held at the Randolph Fairgrounds in October…In order to get ready for that, I took the advise of a business man I know to have some girlies walking around the show in our outfits.. We decided to measure some girls up that were likely to be there and make up some fall garments for them..We always picture what we make in order to be able to offer the garments in our online shops.

…. Enter, a big photo-shoot…we designed garments, made them up and scheduled a photo shoot place and time..I wanted to thank the girls and their mommies by serving we worked up a tea party.. The planning and ideas kept coming and it got bigger than we first thought..It did turn out to be stressful for us, making sure everything was done and ready for the day..P1130215



But I am so pleased with the results..truly, it is hard work to get such satisfying results..but work is good, and God is true when He says “in all labor there is profit” older sons think profit is mainly in the form of money..and I am not averse to money..But there are many other forms and riches in character and growth, and blessing others that are profit!!

DSC_0798 Children are a heritage from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb is His reward..



DSC_0844 DSC_0847_1




DSC_0976 DSC_0974 




The smiles on these girls faces..the joining in together at the tea party..that is profit!


More quilting and baby goats!

22 Mar

So, the snow keeps falling and it is grey and snowed yesterday and today it is just last quilting post I mentioned Rebecca quilting my quilts for me..well she wrote this book..

Seamingly_ScrappyIf you would like a copy, I have linked her picture to her book purchasing page on her site 🙂

I purchased it and wanted to try to make some of the quilts she has in it.

She gives detailed instructions..but the best part for visual me.. is the pictures!  So, I started with the quilt on the cover..It is called coinage..I didn’t want to do it in her color scheme, I wanted to do it in ocean blues, beautiful, warm ocean blues..if I can’t get to the beach I can make the beach come to me kind of thing..
P1110971 So, does this look like the sea?


Well, it does to me, so that is good!! I haven’t measured it yet, but it is big!!  I have to give credit to my little boys..they helped me with placement..and passed me blocks to sew together in order!  Thank you, Chaim, Sam, Jo, and Ezra!

I have another quilt  in her book I want to try called “field day” I’ll make it with fun checks and use it for picnics, I think….

I’m really enjoying is fun!

My children are so happy they have had 5 goat kids..3 Monday in the wee hours of the morning..Alpine cross..2 bucks and 1 doeling..

P1110937 The little doeling is the dark brown..her brother watches out for her! So cute!P1110943 This is the other little guy..

Then on Thursday around 3:30 in the afternoon our boer cross doe had two little kids..1 doeling and one buckling..

P1110915 This is the buckling, I think Boers are so pretty, and they are excellent meat goats..

P1110916 This doeling is a keeper, she will help keep our Boer herd going..we have 2 more Boers to kid, and one more Alpine cross…

These first 5 are all healthy, a blessing after the last few years of kidding..we had quite a few that didn’t make it..But this year is looking good!  Olivia has sold one to a family for a 4 H project and we hope to sell the other 3..she has them listed for sale..

A full week, but a good week.  I am thankful tomorrow is the Sabbath..time to rest and think on The Lord, and all He is and has done for all of us!  He gives us good gifts to enjoy, and He comforts us in our hard times..He is merciful to us when we don’t deserve mercy..I am thankful He has saved me from my sin..