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A vacation..a retreat..a story..

6 Mar

This past January the Lord blessed our family with a vacation..I flew down to Florida with a friend and they followed on the weekend..We were able to be away from all the work at our house..with 2 family businesses and a little farmette.


We got to stay with my friend for a week, visit with my sister in law, and then a very dear retired couple offered us their condo for a few days..

P1150553 P1150561


It was so needed, our family had not been on vacation for 7 years!


Many of us were blessed with rest and relaxation..


P1150711 P1150732



but I wanted to record God’s blessing to me..

For many years, I have wanted to go on a retreat and just be alone with God..with finances and responsibilities that just has not been possible.

This was a retreat in a different kind of way..

The Lord allowed me to meet 2 very dear ladies..that both spoke into my life and were a source of reconnecting with some of my dormant heart desires..they both have very close walks with the Lord, and my walk has been a busy walk the last 7 years..

Another way He drew near was through the girl’s art teacher from Florida, who we got to visit with for a couple hours..a loving, peaceful, adoptive soul..She drew me in to the most ministering hug!!! God knows our every need..As a mama I get lots of hugs, but they are different..This hug was from my Father, my Daddy..and she touched me in the deep places of my heart with love and acceptance..no strings..no expectations..



Of course there was sun and warmth in the weather but God is my most urgent need..without Him life is empty and meaningless..I just wanted to Thank Him and to reminisce as the days are long and cold and my heart grows weary in the daily tasks and struggles..P1150684

The other night as I was awake in the middle of the night He reminded me with this verse in Galatians chapter 6 verse 9..  And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.


He is with those that seek Him, that call on Him, that NEED Him..Those who put their trust in Him will not be ashamed..

He is my Daddy and I am asking Him to teach me to trust Him more..



When I re-read Galatians as I write this I am moved to record that without Jesus’s sacrifice I could not say God is my Daddy..Oh Thank you Jesus for dying for me and making me able to call your Father, my Father..Thank you for adopting me..Thank you for accepting me..Thank you for promising that if I am not weary in well doing..I will reap if I faint not..Thank you for ALL your promises…..Thank you for hope…

Custom Sewing and reflection…

17 Dec

Almost 6 years ago..I started a sewing business..Over the last 27 years well, more..I have sewn here and there for family, friends and an occasional wedding..But in February 2009, I began making dresses to sell on e-bay..then etsy..then our own dedicated website..

Olivia and Victoria helped with little things like turning things inside out..running elastic and packaging.. Today, 6 years later, they are almost exclusively sewing and running a business that has grown each year..The Lord has given them a college education in the last 6 years..they have no written degrees but the amount of experience they have is astonishing..at least to me!!

In those 6 years we have designed, and sold our designs..but much of our work has been custom..people with idea’s coming to us and we have been able to make them a reality..That is very fun..it can also be stressful because we care so much that they get what they want..what they are envisioning..

Below are some photo’s of our latest custom order..A mama in Massachusetts has a precious daughter who she wants to keep covered and warm..her description was mod and modest :-).. The thing that is fun about this mama is she doesn’t have financial limitations..so she sent us 4 dresses and instructed us to make pants and a top to accent them..

The 4th dress’s pants and top are currently being sewn up..Her main instruction to me was “Chrissi, I want you and the girls to have fun”…this was freeing..as designing is so fun..

For one dress I got silk dupioni..a lovely fabric and we designed a little top and triple ruffle pants..I wanted the ruffles to show NO stitching..they turned out beautiful.. the top also showed minimal stitching..

P1140668 this was a great lesson in fine stitching for the girls…


 Red dress is not our creation..just ivory, silk dupioni accessories..

P1140670 This dress was the inspiration for the silk dupioni..it was to be worn at a wedding..

P1140665 These pants are made from a jaquard in gold tones..They were to go with the dress below which was more of an every day dress..our customer’s mother-in-law made the little red dress..she is from Pakistan..The way everything came together was so fun!

P1140661 It was relaxing to go outside the box of having to get orders done to being creative and blessing someone..Victoria made hairbows out of the gold jaquard to match this outfit..the mama was surprised..

As I reflect on these things it is a cause of gratefulness to the LORD for His faithfulness..He promises that if we are faithful in the little things  we will be faithful in much..My adult daughters and I are learning faithfulness in integrity in business and craftsmanship..Not so spiritual..but yet profoundly spiritual..

We are learning that you never arrive..we are always in a place to learn and grow..and that is a great lesson in humility..For our family..humility is a virtue..It is what our Savior has called us to.  The realization that He is the giver of gifts..We want Him to be glorified, we want his love to flow through our hearts and minds and fingers and to reach others, those who know Him and those who we hope will know Him someday…Jesus is the only one who makes our life worth living..He is our all in all..And He has provided this place for us and we are thankful..

Have a Blessed Christmas and Holiday season…do take time to reflect on His gifts to us..

Chrissi, Olivia, and Victoria….

Gabriel and John Noah are graduating…

17 Sep

 They have finished all but a couple last things..we have been getting their transcripts together..my baby boys are grown up..

They went through school together..side by side all the way..

In the young years..oh! how they fought..but now..Thank the Lord..They are fast friends..

Different, very different..Both beautiful inside and out..Enjoy these pictures of 2 young men that a mother and father’s prayers follow..that He would make them servants of His to be His hands, feet, and loving heart in this world..


P1130676 Gabriel Rexford P1130672John Noah Stephen

P1130678 Yay! We finished!P11306807 of the 8 youngest P1130664See?..buds.. P1130660They have hayed with our neighbor on this tractor

P1130662 Gabe is working with a neighbor learning how to fix these machinesP1130656

 God, do bless these young men in their endeavors..P1130683 On their way to return the tractor..mama sees them in her minds eye launching on their ordained life paths..P1130685 This picture turned out great!…a song by an old group “Cruze” says..”I may not know what the future holds, but I know who holds the future”..

Fly boys..Soar…♥

A lesson..

14 Dec

Anyone in business or in life knows life is full of lessons…

We recently had a customer who gave us a negative feedback for not responding aggressively to a postal problem..The problem was we shipped priority mail on Monday, and the package did not arrive by Wednesday, it arrived on Friday of the same week.

We have shipping policies, and they state that after the package is dropped at the post office the responsibility for its delivery is out of our hands.

When she contacted us for help in locating her “late” package we tracked it and found the postal service sent it to another state but had redirected it to her state. We gave her this info and sent her the tracking number so she could look the progress of the package up for herself..She responded that she wasn’t implying it was our “responsibility” she was just reaching out for help.  And if the package didn’t arrive by Friday she would expect a full refund…

These were disturbing conversations and then the feedback today was disappointing..we were labeled apathetic towards helping her find her package…

The lesson?

Several have brought themselves to mind…

Always do your best..

Always tell the truth..

And the biggest lesson was..when I told my dear husband about her hurtful comments and feedback he reminded me..

“Chrissi, we need to pray that her business prospers and we need to ask God to give her the Main Thing…”

I love him for that..

What is the Main Thing you ask?

Jesus before the foundation of the earth submitting to His Father’s will and plan for our salvation…to come in time to this earth to make a way for our salvation.  He left His glorious home in heaven with His Father to come to earth, to live a perfect life and to die a spotless sacrifice to pay for our sinful imperfect lives..So WE could be with Him and His Matchless Father for all eternity and never have to die spiritually…

This life is short and a shadow of the life to come..

Why do we need to be saved?  Because we are all selfish and blind and sinful at heart…We may not be as bad as somebody else, but we, none of us can measure up to God’s glory and Holiness.

This Christmas Season my prayer is that along with that dissatisfied customer, we may all be given the gift of understanding the unspeakable gift The Father gave us in sending His son to “measure up” for us, since we can’t do it ourselves…And the understanding that to have Peace with God we have to admit our total inability and Jesus’s total ability to “measure up” for us..

Because that is the Main Thing..Peace with God through Jesus Christ, His son and our LORD..

I’m so thankful for a husband to remind me of that beautiful truth..P1110104


Appreciative customers…

9 Oct


This is our Poet blouse designed this summer for our fall 2013 line of clothing..

From this blouse we have had 2 custom orders…

DSC_1289 (2)I appreciate when a mama requests a custom order!  We are privileged to be a part of a special time in their life..

Below the mama was getting fall pictures made… She wanted a print in the poet blouse for her 5-year-old, a tie for her 4-year-old son, and a little coordinating pillowcase dress for her 6 month old baby girl…Also a matching headband..

Here is what we came up with and here are her sweet comments:

“What a wonderful experience and absolutely beautiful product! I sent my request and ideas and Our Legacy did NOT disappoint! Not only are the items beautiful but they are very nicely made and very comfortable for my kiddos! I will definitely order from Chrissi and her girls again…. thank you!”


Then there is another mama who was having pictures for her 18 month old baby girl..She wanted the poet blouse to be made into a dress length, we said we could do that and here is her little sweetie below and her sweet comments…

“Custom made dress for my 18 month-old daughter (instead of blouse for young girl). Absolutely fabulous!!! She looked adorable and it was exactly what I wanted!”

Thank you to our thankful customers and thank you so much for sending your thanks our way!  We appreciate you!

Being in business isn’t all about making money, that is nice, but the true blessings come in helping and being helpful and the satisfaction and fulfilment that come from that…We are thankful to the Lord, who gives us our gifts to share with others…

My son’s first truck..

26 Apr

I am bursting with pride and admiration for my eldest.

He persevered and saved and yesterday brought home his first vehicle.

I am impressed that he bought a work truck, focusing on his future.

Nothing fancy, very practical, very big.  And 10 years old, so he could pay cash.

Thank you Lord, for giving my son vision, wisdom, patience, and endurance.

Bless him Father,  Amen.20130425_100439


Christmas Giveaway….

15 Dec

Hello All! Please Enjoy this Christmas Giveaway,  We made this out fit for photo shoots and demo patterns… We are giving away this size 18 month Pillowcase dress..18 inches from neckline to bottom of hem…

P1060212 We are also including two pair of capri length pants.. One with elastic in the hem and a little eyelet ruffle detail…These pants are in the 12 to 18 month range these ruffled bloomers are 12″ long at the outseam and have a waist circumference of approximately 19″

P1060210 The other with straight hemline and a little vent at the side!  These straight leg capri’s have an 11″ outseam from waist to hem. And approximately a 19″ waist circumference.  All items are made with high quality Free Spirit quilting weight cotton by designer, Tanya Whelan, from her Delilah line.

P1060215 Kind of summery for Christmas, but  a very nice out fit all the same!  Anyone live on the south of the equator?? Anyone thinking ahead to this summer???  The pillowcase dress can actually be worn with some nice leggings and a long sleeve shirt for winter! Enjoy!!

To enter please just leave a comment on this post and please also leave a comment or like the picture on our Facebook page!  We will be drawing on December 21st using random.org.

Thank you!

And remember the greatest gift of all!  Jesus Christ who gave His life to save us and rose again to prove He was God!!