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23 May

Today the boys got to go to our friends farm and mow and rake hay..I ran over to enjoy them enjoying!

I rode with my son who was raking..

Then, I got to ride with my son who was mowing..

As I rode I was thanking God for creation. For the simple pleasures, watching red wing blackbirds flying up and hopping about, catching a glimpse of a butterfly rising from the tall grass..and the smell of the fresh-cut hay.

I am also thankful for the opportunity for the boys to be able to farm..they enjoy it so.  It is a gift to be close to God’s earth, out in God’s fresh air, and gleaning from His bountiful earth.

My boys have had a rough couple of months, and I felt that God was healing them with these gifts and it did my heart good to watch them and join them on the tractors..and pray for God’s continued healing and grace..

God is a merciful, kind, and compassionate God..Even in our failures, our disappointments our pain, He is working for our good..And there is always a joy of knowing we are secure in His love for us and his care for each of us..His dear precious children..20160523_10031720160523_10034420160523_10040220160523_10040920160523_10203420160523_102039d02e8684-cd03-4f96-926f-e7b52ddc6db5



Travels and lessons

2 Feb

The Lord has been good to us.  He is always good, but through my human eyes sometimes I perceive Him as good when a desire is filled, or a trial has been put behind me..

Oh how faithless I am, but He is always faithful.

2015 was a huge year, so huge I hardly had time to chronicle it.  2016 started off with a trip to Florida and a much needed surgery for my husband… A trial and a gift..sometimes the trial shadowed the gift..

While we were gone my adopted mother fell, had emergency surgery, and is now in a nursing home, the very last place she ever wanted to be.  A trial, a sore trial, my heart breaks for her, but rejoices in her sweet spirit and her resignation to the Lord of her life..She continues to teach me as she goes through her trials..

Airboat ride with very generous friends..a desire of a life time..any one remember Flipper???  Time discovering with family..home education at it’s best…and time reconnecting with family..Joys..beauty..

The richness in life is contained in the relationships, in the giving of oneself to others..sharing your hearts, joys, sorrows, fears, victories..

Reminds me of a favorite hymn:

When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word

what a glory He sheds on our way.

When we do His good will, He abides with us still and with ALL who will trust and obey..

The light of His word..

Love the Lord your God with all your heart soul mind and strength, and Love your neighbor as yourself..

I have always wanted to be accepted, to be loved no matter what..God loves me..and in giving love to others, I have received much much more than I have given..

The Love of the Father is manifested in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us..Such love..such love

But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:8

first was from my heart, where His Spirit has graciously taken up residence, and the second is the actual, word for word, from the King James version of the Holy Bible.

I ramble..but that happens when I am filled with wonder..




Growing time..

30 Apr

On a cold April morning these men went on a journey..you can see how cold they are with their clenched hands and forced smiles 🙂

P1160997The crew of our family carpentry business..from left to right..laborer/apprentice, part time laborer/apprentice, right hand man, and chief..

P1170001chief, husband, and daddy..taking his eldest sons on a growing trip..

P1170003right hand man..already learned much before the trip, stretched in the areas of customer service, reading plans, ordering materials, getting the truck ready for a 12 hour trip, carrying all their tools needed..


Crew and support crew..So far they have been gone over a week.. we have been in contact by skype and this mother can see growth in her young men..So many life lessons..I hate to name a few because that would minimize the others..but I will jot a few down..responsibility, sacrifice, man’s provider role, flexibility, cheerfulness, …a weak representation..but a sampling..

They have been privileged to do a job on Nantucket Island, Mass.  This is a great privilege and I am reminded of the truth of God’s word in Proverbs 18:16..a man’s gift maketh a place for him.. And just seeing God’s hand in working out all the details, His ways are truly higher than our ways..

I stand in awe of Him.  The facet of the Lord, I am looking at in this time in my life is His practicality..He made us from dust..He knows our frame..He knows our physical needs..In today’s terms He is rather “crunchy” :-).. But oh, that does not diminish His glory, His power, His majesty, His holiness, His righteousness, oh no..it magnifies it in showing us how complete, total, perfect He is…

knowing all

seeing all

being over all

taking care of all

By His grace and mercy alone we live and move and have our being..may He use us for His glory..may we be content in the places He has set us..  so thankful for the knowledge that He is my Father..

P.S. spring babies at our house 🙂P1170094

Victoria’s Birthday…

12 Sep

Our Head Seamstress..used to be me..but she is our most consistent seamstress now..Victoria had her 22nd birthday yesterday…

She requested pastees..PASS TEES..for dinner and she helped to make them…

I had fun decorating the table and helping with dinner…

Happy Birthday..♥♥♥




We are so glad the Lord, gave her to us 22 years ago!

Cherries and Blueberries..

23 Jul


We picked up our tart pitted cherries and some blueberries last Friday and spent a rainy Saturday canning..It was refreshing to put my big red checked apron on and get to preserving the cherries..  I did the jam and jelly and Victoria did the pie filling..we had all hands on deck to separate the cherries, measure sugar and pectin..it was fun!  Just a plug for Pomona’s Pectin in order here..we used half the sugar in these recipes..they aren’t sugar free..but for the children, half the sugar makes me feel better:-)  And another bonus of Pomona’s …you can make as big a batch as you need.  No worrying about if it will gel or not, it always does!P1130263Cherry Jam, we used the jars we had, so it is a very eclectic batch…

P1130264 Cherry pie filling and some jelly…

P1130265 Mixed berry pie filling…so this winter we should be enjoying and sharing some pies!


January at our house..

30 Jan

On the  ninth we had a young man turn 17..He doesn’t really have red eyes 🙂

P1110374 On the 11th we had a youngster turn 10…He is displaying a picture made by his sister and framed by his brother …

P1110410Below said brother and sister enjoying their brother’s joy..along with his mother…


The chickens are being very good to us for feeding and housing them..

P1110472We have some young colonials acting out their father’s history reading…

P1110540 The youngest colonial..

P1110541I designed this pillow with a “skirt” to cheer up our wicker love seat..

Which incidentally was gracing our sewing room and my January cabin fever, blues, “Let me out of here!”, I’ve got to have a change..side..moved up to the living room and I wanted to take this picture so when the children began sitting on it and making it unrecognizable I could pull this up and prove that indeed, one day..it looked nice 🙂


A trip to Florida, sitting on the beach and enjoying the sea air was more what I had in mind..BUT..necessity is the mother of invention after all  :-)…

And last but not least the guys had to replace our 2 1000 gallon septic tanks

IMG_0688Our very kind neighbor brought his mini excavator over and dug the hole for a very reasonable fee…which took most of the day since it was 2 below zero and felt like 20 below..
IMG_0689Our other neighbor who is in construction brought over his laser transit and was of much help in the advice area…
IMG_0690The boys, and young men were constantly on hand and we couldn’t have done it without them..Then the miracle..the septic tank man just “happened” to stop by and our neighbor said we should ask if he could deliver the tanks that same day..he said he could but he would need some time to get them out of the ice at his lot..Well, he did and delivered them and put them in the holes…The amazing thing for me was how he just drove up our front yard and around back and it was like there wasn’t a speck of snow or ice on the ground…

Because he was able to do that our neighbor with the excavator could backfill  and it was all done but hooking it up to the house and leach line..this was done the next day and we are up and running..Miracles come in strange forms..this was a most welcome miracle..septic systems are a huge need in January in Ohio with 13 people in the house!!!  Thank you Lord! for working this all out for us!

Is it spring yet?  🙂

Thanksgiving hike…

7 Dec


Every year it is our tradition to get the turkey in and then go for a Thanksgiving hike…only one other year in our family history has there been snow..and that only a light dusting..This year there was a lot!  And it was cold..we went to a nearby park with a dam and took our sleds…P1110103


Beautiful icicles formed from the lake lapping on already existing icicles..
P1110104 Daddy giving our youngest a ride..This hike was 3 miles…



P1110105 Look closely..people are hiding…


P1110106 Getting the little one situated for his ride..

P1110107 The pine is beautiful..but across the path is a tree that blew over a couple of weeks ago..we were on this same hike and rounded the corner to see this tree fall..Thankful it didn’t fall on us!  Glad to be able to get a picture for our remembrance of God’s provision of safety that day…



P1110109 My first sled ride in ages! SO Fun!


P1110110 Steering was a little tricky!



Olivia thought these apples were worth a picture…




P1110117Thankful for simple pleasures!…




P1110120 This is the hill behind the dam..


P1110122 P1110123 Everyone on top of the dam hollering “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Since we hiked and were sled riding for 2 hours we came home ready to eat! And very thankful all was so close to ready..No pictures of our food..except these gorgeous cookies that Mrs. Sunnybrook’s mom made us this year!


We shared them at a church gathering and still had enough to take some on our hike for sled riding power!

Thank you Mrs. Sunnybrook’s mom!