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Sewing in all directions!…

8 May

We have been stretched the last month or so.

We have had a variety of different orders and requests and it is challenging.   I never have been one who can just keep doing the same thing over and over and over again 🙂   Of course excepting dishes, laundry, housecleaning and child-training.  Those are grand things, but sewing the same garment over and over just gets monotonous.

So here are some of our completed projects…

We designed these two lady bug pillow case dresses and bloomer sets.


I have been itching to design a cotton classic night-gown.  We used our embroidery machine on this set.


This was a simple white cotton night-gown I wanted to make that would be more affordable.


My sister-in-law asked us to make a dress for her daughter’s graduation from high school.  She chose the bottom fabric and we hunted a vintage pattern up.  She wanted it to be the style of the dresses in the movie “The Help”.  We all pitched in on this one.  She received it over the weekend and it fits, Phew!  She lives in California.  We went totally by measurements.


This little patriotic dress was something haunting me for a couple of years too.  It seemed the summer would always get here too fast and I’d miss my chance.

The little star is appliqued on and the star on the hair clip is the same applique. This dress is out to the photographer, I’m looking forward to seeing a little one in it.


We finished our rug for our cutting table.  This is done by crocheting strips of fabric together.  I am working on a tutorial for this.


These coordinating pieces were just sent out Yesterday.  Our first a line pinafores have gone out of stock due to availability of fabric.  I was pressed to get a new one designed and ready for sale.  This fabric is so great to work with.

It is a Michael Miller cotton couture and a Sandi Henderson print.  I made the pinafore fully reversible.  Two dresses in one.  The white peasant under dress is a staple for lengthening dresses that get too short or just for a country, meadow feel.  The ruffle bloomers and pants are just accessories for layering or season changes.  Some times the ideas just bombard.  My 92-year-old dear dear friend tells me she wishes I would just rest.  Oh how grand that would be!

I’m ready!  I have one or two more ideas gnawing.  I will try to get them out of my head and then turn my attention to finishing the school year, the home education convention, and gardening and canning, canning, canning 🙂

Remember, these are the results of 3 women and about a month of work.  I just didn’t have time to post this month.  So, all these projects are crammed into this post! 🙂

Look for our rug tutorial, maybe not too hard, still a lot to do around here 🙂

My Bible reading today was excellent a familiar Bible verse or set of verses, from Proverbs chapter 3

5 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

6 In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.

7 Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the Lord, and depart from evil.

8 It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.

I’ve always just had verse 5 and 6 brought to my attention.  But today 7 and 8 were added to my understanding…I love how verse 7 is another way to say verses 5 and 6.  Makes me know God really wants me to get it.  And verse 8 is a beautiful promise.

Chrissi’s paraphrase:  If you trust, put all your confidence in, The Lord.  God Almighty, your creator, maker of heaven and earth.   The big guy upstairs who knows all that is or ever will be, If you trust Him.  You will have life in the very center of your being, Spiritually speaking and definitely some physically speaking.  As we all know stress and worry are the culprits behind many a sickness.

Well, I didn’t set out to preach but it all starts and goes back to God only wise who deserves all the credit for anything we do or think that is good or of worth.

Corduroy Monogrammed Jumper…

15 Nov

Just wanted to give a peek at this little jumper we made…

It is available on our website and we made the hat too! Very sweet.  We call it our Clove Brown beanie hat.  Stop by our site and check out our new listings.

Remember this month we have our coupon code for 10% off your total purchase…   Code:  Nov Promo

Just follow the link at the right.


Our Legacy Grand Opening…

27 Oct

Olivia, Victoria, and I have opened our new website.  Olivia has put many hours into building this site.  We are currently in the process of transferring our inventory and adding new inventory.

We would like to offer a special November Preview discount to those purchasing from our new site.

Just enter the code Nov Promo when checking out and you will receive a 10% discount on your total purchase.  FYI this is a one time usage coupon.

We are excited about this new step and wanted to share with you.  We will be e mailing our newsletter subscribers so if you get a notice in your inbox please remember it is a one time usage coupon.  Thank you to our past customers and welcome to our new customers!

Happy November!  Happy Thanksgiving!

This is one of our latest designs:

The pink owl chenille and corduroy dress.  The owl is lined and hand sewn on to the dress with embroidery floss.  The eyes are corduroy covered buttons.  I had fun making this.  I am making a variation of this with a brown corduroy ruffle.

So many ideas, so little time!

Just click the link at the right to go…

Blossom and Fleur Line…

15 Jul

Just wanted to let you know that over the summer we have been working on a new line of clothing with fabrics from the McKenzie Line by Dena Designs.  I was wanting to do some A-line dresses and on  this blouse I practiced the shirring technique at the neckline.  Very nice ruffly finish!

You can check them out on our website.  Enjoy the beautiful photography of Anne Pearson from Utah.  We really appreciate her gift with photography!!

If you have time, let me know what you think!