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Thanksgiving hike…

7 Dec


Every year it is our tradition to get the turkey in and then go for a Thanksgiving hike…only one other year in our family history has there been snow..and that only a light dusting..This year there was a lot!  And it was cold..we went to a nearby park with a dam and took our sleds…P1110103


Beautiful icicles formed from the lake lapping on already existing icicles..
P1110104 Daddy giving our youngest a ride..This hike was 3 miles…



P1110105 Look closely..people are hiding…


P1110106 Getting the little one situated for his ride..

P1110107 The pine is beautiful..but across the path is a tree that blew over a couple of weeks ago..we were on this same hike and rounded the corner to see this tree fall..Thankful it didn’t fall on us!  Glad to be able to get a picture for our remembrance of God’s provision of safety that day…



P1110109 My first sled ride in ages! SO Fun!


P1110110 Steering was a little tricky!



Olivia thought these apples were worth a picture…




P1110117Thankful for simple pleasures!…




P1110120 This is the hill behind the dam..


P1110122 P1110123 Everyone on top of the dam hollering “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Since we hiked and were sled riding for 2 hours we came home ready to eat! And very thankful all was so close to ready..No pictures of our food..except these gorgeous cookies that Mrs. Sunnybrook’s mom made us this year!


We shared them at a church gathering and still had enough to take some on our hike for sled riding power!

Thank you Mrs. Sunnybrook’s mom!




Thanksgiving Sale…

26 Nov

Just want our fabric friends to know that we are having a Thanksgiving sale in our Etsy fabric shop

Every fabric is 15% off our price, which is normally at least 10% below retail.

We are running this sale through midnight on Cyber Monday…

Hope some of you can stop by and take advantage of some of the lovely high quality designer fabrics we have!

We are thankful for our customers and how the Lord has blessed our business this year.

Wishing you and your families and friends a Happy Thanksgiving!pomegrante place 1