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A family photo…

11 Jan

This past Christmas we were privileged, well 8 of us were privileged to sing in a choir directed by Miss Peggy on Christmas Eve at the Atwater Congregational Church in Atwater, Ohio…

While this is not our church, we have been attending hymn sings once a month on Thursday nights.  This church is 5 minutes from us and the people are so welcoming and sweet..coupled with the opportunity to sing hymns glorifying God and be in this beautiful historic church, it is soothing to the soul!

Back to Christmas Eve..I had Olivia bring her camera since we would all be in our choir attire and matching…hoping some obliging person would take a family photo of us!

Mr. W. from the choir knew that a talented, professional photographer was coming that night and he sent him home for his camera!  After the sweet service this dear man took our picture and here is how it came out..I am a mother to adults..they grow so fast!


Thank you Mr. Swanson for the lovely photo and thank you Mr. W. for arranging it for us ♥

Victoria made the guys ties and the little boys especially like to match their daddy and their big brothers!

So thankful to all for the picture and the opportunity to sing in a choir!!