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Men’s jeans…

22 Jul

My oldest son, asked me last winter if I could make jeans for him for work.  He is working with my husband in his carpentry business.    My son is a firm believer in keeping the United States economy strong by buying American.  He has gone on-line and purposely paid more because a product is made in America.

So, he said he’d rather pay me to make him jeans than some one else.  I said I could and we started on New Years day, I believe.  I know it was a holiday and everyone was home and a lot of children were helping on that first day.  I started with a pair of twill pants, kind of like carpenter pants weight twill.  We cut apart a pair of his old jeans, actually we seam ripped them.  In order to have the pattern pieces.

I did not quite understand the front pockets, so I just made patch pockets for the front.  My 15 almost 16 year old son, asked to help top stitch the back pockets, he did an excellent job.  Boys and machines!!!  So, the first pair worked out, I used the same zipper from the old pair of jeans, they fit well.  Until, I washed them they shrunk about 9″ in the length.  My 14 year old son is wearing them now. 🙂

In the spring I got to the denim, kind of dreading it because it is 10 oz HEAVY weight stuff.  I didn’t want to kill my machine.  We got denim needles and good heavy thread.  But, my upper scale, older model esante just didn’t appreciate those places, like the crotch where you are sewing 4 layers of denim.  After lots of breaking needles and skipping stitches I put them away.  I got them out a little later in the spring and tackled the zippers with Victoria’s help, I posted earlier about that.   Yesterday, I took a deep breath and said I am finishing these jeans today or else!  I’ve got to get them out of my drawer.  I pulled over a basic machine and it did a good job on the crotches.  The belt loops are very thick also.  But going slowly, it did fairly well.  Not as nice as I  would like to see it but they are done!  Yea!   And when he got home he tried them on and he likes them!

Yea!!!  And he wore them to his piano lesson yesterday evening!  Yea!!

I told him I would make him more IF he got maybe 8 oz. denim, in order to save my machines. 🙂

We are going to do a scrappy tiered skirt tutorial next.  Happy sewing!!!

They are definitely not Levi’s but, with some more practice I hope to do better 🙂