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15 Feb

The girl’s and I were asked to sing on Monday at a home school mom’s meeting…

I am not a singer!  I like to sing, my children on the other hand sing well and being from the same family their voices blend so nice!  It seems to be my job to lead out strong and keep things moving.  The Lord helped.  My hands were shaking so bad from being nervous.  The songs were intended to bring focus on the Lord and to prepare the mom’s to hear the message the speaker was bringing…so, why do I get nervous??  We want to do a good job right??  We don’t want to hurt people’s ears right??

Of course right!  It would be really great if my nerves would listen to my logic!!

Yesterday, we sang at the nursing home.  We were invited for their Valentines service.  That was so much easier!  The whole family went and my boys have some  great harmonizing skills!  I still lead out a lot and keep the timing, but the elderly just enjoy the music, it seems to soothe them!  Also, they love to see the little ones.  They just melt when they see the 3 year old and the 5 year old!

The singing helps with the blues and getting out and blessing others helps too.

We have some sewing coming in and that is a good thing.

We got photos from our photographer for our spring and summer line.  Wow! She really makes things look beautiful!

This dress is 100% tissue linen. It is white with cream rouche ruffles.  I just am old fashioned at heart!!  The new styles and color combo’s are fun but classic white, and natural fibers….well I just thought maybe someone out there might like this dress too!

I am blessed by this little girl’s infectious smile and sparkling eyes! 🙂  Enjoy!