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The joys and freedom of Home educating…

15 Oct

I was blessed this week again with the realization of the privilege I have to home educate my children.

To be able to watch them grow and learn and grasp concepts.  To watch them dig in to their school work, and to watch them enjoy a field trip.  To see them be friends with each other and work and play together.  These are some of the joys.

The freedom of on Thursday after Bible and History to say “today we are going to the park, everyone get ready!”  They were so surprised because a lot of times my husband has the van and we just can’t all go somewhere.

We went to Quail Hollow State park here in Ohio. We stopped at the herb garden, one of mom’s favorite places and learned some names of plants.

We got a nice bit of exercise on a hike and then I had them sketch the reflection of a stand of trees on the pond.  A few of my children really have a talent at drawing and I think it great practice for all to try to capture what they see and use the eye hand coordination to transfer it through their pencil to the paper.  Drawing drills :-).  And of course the added benefit of being out in God’s creation and appreciating His design, His diversity and His majesty just to name a few of His characteristics that come out on a nature walk.   Learning of Him as we walk by the way…



Deuteronomy 6:4-7