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Last baby goats for this spring..

7 Jun

Sunday May 27 our Alpine doe, April, kidded.  She was 3 days past our scheduled due date.  I had just lain down for a Sunday rest and my daughter came and said “Mom, April is pushing”.   Up I jumped, got the camera, and went out to give moral support to the girls…

Olivia and Victoria are helping April, this kid was small but her brother’s front leg was in the birth canal with her.  April needed help.

Here she is, her name is Hope.  She is a tiny thing.

This is the next guy.  He was larger and April had lost a lot of energy in the first delivery.

This is our last kidding for this spring.  Now we need to get ready for summer gardening and canning.

The strawberries came in early this year, we’ve already picked and processed about 18 gallons of fresh strawberries.

I’m thankful for the Lord’s bounty.

More goat kids…

14 Apr

Thursday at around 3:00 in the afternoon, our “Bess” had 3 buck kids

The first was a big boy, about the size of our 2 week old does, he came head and shoulders first.

The second was a little spindly guy, he came breach.

The third was the biggest, and he came much later after 6:00 p.m. He also came breech.

That was our longest kidding session.  Bess, the mama, did well for what she had to do!

This is the little guy getting his cord tied off.

This is our friend from Oklahoma, keeping little guy nice and warm.

The first and second hanging out waiting for the last guy to be born.  This is my favorite picture, a relaxing evening in the barn!  (for some baby goats maybe 🙂

Here they all are!  See the guy on the right? Whew!  We don’t weigh them but we’re guessing at least 10 pounds, that is big for a goat kid, when the mama is carrying triplets!!

We are all happy, and tired, we bottle feed our kids so, there have been shifts going out around the clock.  Tonight we’ll go 8 hours between feeding.

We are glad, last year was a very bad year for kidding.

We are thankful!  And how nice that our friends were here and could see them born!

We are sewing a lot, we’ll be putting up a crochet rug tutorial soon.

Shalom, Peace…