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Butternut Squash a la Pumpkin Pie Filling…

30 Sep

Our friend who has a farm, and a HUGE garden, gave us this beautiful butternut squash!

She told us she uses it for pumpkin pie filling.  We didn’t get pumpkins in this summer so, I was excited!  We processed them like this…


Cut off top and cut open to clean seeds out like a pumpkin

Cut into chunks and steam… Don’t worry the stove isn’t on yet 🙂

Then we steamed them till soft.

We put them in the fridge overnight because we ran out of time.

This morning I peeled the peels off and mashed them a little and put them in the oven to heat, so the canner wouldn’t take so long to heat up.

Then I mashed them like potatoes with out any thing extra.

The above two steps could have been eliminated if you have a Victorio food strainer with a bigger screen.  We just have a tomato screen so I did the peeling and mashing method.

Put the mashed squash into quart jars and apply the lids.

One thing I was very careful about was getting the pumpkin packed as densely as possible.  We left 1″ head space.

We processed them at 10 pounds pressure in the pressure cooker for 100 minutes!

We yielded  7 quarts and can use it for pumpkin pie, sweet potato pie, or muffins and cookies!

Looks like pumpkin!  Tastes sweeter than pumpkin! The darker spots are from my heating them up in the oven.  Thankfully, our family is not too picky about a lump or a darker spot.  They just enjoy the end product!!

Thank you Mrs. S. for all your help with canning questions and for the lovely butternut squash!