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How to: tying instructions for Boy’s tie:

4 Apr

Step 1:  Lay neckband with seam facing table.  Place tie over neckband as shown…..

Step 2:  Bring back of tie or thin end  across front of tie towards the left.


Step 3:  Take back or thin end of tie under neckband, with seam towards you….Then twist thin end so that the good side is up and insert  it  into the “loop” you just made slipping it over the neckband and under the fat end as shown…..


It should look like this…. click picture for closer view:-)

Step 4:  Pulling  the thin end through while holding the neckband, tightens the  knot and you can make final smoothing touches to tie.

 Now you are ready to go!

Questions?  Just ask.

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