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Happy Summer Give away….

1 Jul

We were invited by http://www.forgivenlovemuch.com to join her in this give away.  And we thought it sounded like a great idea!

The give away runs today and tomorrow July 1, and 2nd.  The winner will be chosen on July 5th.  After the holiday weekend.   And we will ship by July 7, 2011.

If you would like to win this cheery summer apron for your next barbecue or picnic.  Just follow these simple directions to enter.

This apron is made with poly cotton plisse’ pucker fabric.  Trimmed in white bias binding.  Has wonderful long ties and fits size small to medium.

We will ship this for free to the continental United States.  We will be happy to ship internationally for a $7.00 shipping fee.

Ladies Full Lightweight Plisse Apron.

Ladies Full Lightweight Plisse Apron.

1. Visit our website and let us know what your favorite item is. By contacting us through the contact page.

2. Visit our 2 Etsy shops and heart one item from each shop.



3.  Leave  a comment on this post when you are all done.

We will enter your name and my 2 1/2-year-old will draw the names out of a hat on Tuesday and we will e-mail the winner and get your address for shipping.  When contacting us through our website, we receive your e-mail.

4.  If you would like another entry just let your friend know and have them mention your name when they enter.

That’s all there is to it!

Happy Summer!  Hope you enjoy this give away!!

Bias binding tutorial….

4 May

For those of you who would like to have a bias binding that matches your project perfectly, Good news!  You can make your own!  Basically, you cut strips of fabric cross grain or on the bias.  Which means you cut it at a 45 degree angle to the selvedge edge of the fabric.  

We use a ruler, roto-cutter, and a cutting mat.  You can use any ruler, draw lines and cut with scissors, or cut out paper templates in the size of binding you need.  For our project we cut out 1″ strips on the bias.  This will make 1/2″ flat fold bias or 1/4″ double fold bias binding.  After you cut some strips of fabric on the bias:

Then you are ready to sew them together to make a long strip!  You take two pieces and check for right sides and put them together, crossing over  and making a 90 degree angle with the points sticking out the amount of your seam allowance.  We use a 1/4″ seam allowance:

After sewing the required amount of strips together, i.e. the length you need for your project.  You take your sewn strips to the ironing board and press open your seams. they should still have the little triangles from your seam allowance.

Now you are  ready to press your folds into your bias strips, for flat fold you press a little under 1/4″ toward the center on each side.  This is tedious and you may say to yourself  “why didn’t I just buy some at the store?”  Or another great option is to buy yourself a tool!   These handy bias binder maker tips can be purchased at your local fabric store in some sizes and if you have a special size you need, more are available through specialty catalogs, we were able to purchase a 3/4″ flat fold at Nancy’s Notions at www.nancysnotions.com    They look like this:

The all silver one is the 1/2″ flat fold we are using today.  For our aprons, we use the 1″ flat fold and double fold it for a nice edge.

To get your bias strip started you put a corner in and  just take a pin and gently pull it through from wide end to small end.

Then pull out a little with your fingers…

Now you are ready to press

Putting your iron close to the tip gently pull away from the iron while you are following with the iron, while there are still chances to get burnt fingers, after a little practice there are still a great deal fewer ouches  than doing the binding without the tool!

Although this is a different fabric it is the 1/2″ bias double folded, bias just really finishes an edge nicely!  This width is also what some seamstresses use for “spaghetti bias” trims, you can sew it on top of fabric and curl it around and make stems for flowers and leaves on stems, the possibilities are endless!

Hope this has been helpful!