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Custom Orders…

10 Feb

Today the girls shipped out a custom order of 10 pairs of plain baby bloomers.

These bloomers are my base bloomer for our monogrammed bloomers.

This was a very nice order…

A grandma wanted all her granddaughters to have these for a photo.

Are they not sweet?  The girls did most of them themselves.  I usually cut out and then they can sew while I am doing school with the younger set.

Another order we did recently was this knot dress and pant set.

This is the photo she worked from.  The mama wanted this dress minus the apron but with  the pink dot pants.

So, that is what I did for her.

I really appreciate when ladies ask for special orders, and custom orders.

I want people to be really pleased with what they order!  And I’m real good with directions!

Just recently we did a knot dress out of  the fabrics we had in one of our pillowcase dresses.  The mama said she just loved those two fabrics, could I do them up in a knot dress.  And that is what I did for her!  (I don’t have a picture of the finished product.  I made it and shipped it out before I could get a picture.)

Sometimes it is good for me to just journal and look back and see that “yes, I did do something this week.”

When orders come and life comes and you are just plowing through it can seem fruitless.   I’m thinking this is a farmer thing…

Patience to wait for the fruit of our labors…

When I think of patience I think of peace…