Learning a new skill…

16 Jun

I’m learning a new skill…

Take life as it comes…

This is so foreign to me, but the Lord, through my health has ordained it.

Once upon a time there was a girl who took life by the horns and tamed it for her self.

At least she thought she did.  She ordered her world.  She was what my dear 92 year old friend calls a “go getter”.

One day the “go getter” got up and the go was gone!!!   But life was continuing to go on.

For the past 3 months that has been me.  Still running the house hold but a lot of times from a sitting position or laying.  Instead of leading the charge.

There have been times of activity.  Like my morning walk.  I go out early with one or two of my children and we talk and walk 2 miles.  Good for the heart and soul.   Some days that was it.

I have puttered in the garden.  Wednesdays I hang the laundry out.  Thursdays I cook dinner.

Our sewing business was very busy in March and April, then in May it dropped considerably and this month I would consider slow.  It is not bad, just slow.  As I consider this I see that March and April toasted me.  Not only did we sew, I taught some of the children’s school.  And managed the house hold.

For what ever reason my body didn’t hold up to this regime.  So, this week especially has been a humbling, not very pretty experience for myself and my husband and children.

Last Sunday was our  Sunday to sing at the nursing home.  I stayed home and rested.

Monday broke and after a long Sunday like that everyone was tired and grumpy to put it mildly 🙂

I am on Jury duty this week and next so the stress of wondering if they were going to call me in was pulling at my mind.

I looked at the books and we had 8 orders this week.  That is good, but so tame that it didn’t feel like a lot.  Excepting one that was a custom dress for a little girl with a feeding tube.  First time with the pattern made it a learning experience and it was slow going because I have been weak and very tired.

Yoke dress with matching headband

Rosette pin on collar

Last Monday, when our normal school was finished, normal being categorized as the main subjects completed and just my high school boys needing to finish their biology, and my middle school children are going to do 1/2 a math lesson all summer to keep sharp.   Normal school being finished I thought we could do some fiber art!  We have an embroidery machine and a quilt pattern for a beautiful “Prayer Garden” quilt.  So, we worked out our fabrics and our layout and the children and I have been stitching blocks, which we will sew together and then quilt.  The boys are all doing this also, as it involves a machine 🙂

So, those quilt blocks happened through the week.  I’ll do a post on it when it is done.

Friday we had a birthday party and the girls made these skirts for twin girls at our church…

As I am writing this I am embroidering the last of the blocks to make into the quilt.  It has been nice to be able to do something while my strength has been low.

This week seemed to happen to me instead of me planning it.   It is Saturday, I see that through mercy we have completed another week.  We are getting ready to enjoy the Sabbath.  One child  is showered, one is showering 9 to go.  Dinner is just about ready.  My husband will be home from his little Saturday job soon.  The little boys bath will be next and we’ll start getting our clothes ready to iron.

As I read over this to check for mistakes I see that the quilt blocks were a little much to put on us.  If I would have just let the children work at them a little at a time maybe over a month, it may have been more enjoyable.  But I see that I did drive that one.  The new skill of life happening isn’t easy to learn, but I know the sooner I learn it the more peaceful our home will be.

Lord, help me to receive life with thankfulness from your hands.  I want to learn to live for today, and not borrow from  tomorrow or moan over yesterday.  I am being very transparent here, my melancholy analyzing, has not been serving me this last few months, it has actually been doing me in!

If I can cast my cares on Him, because He cares for me and receive His sunshine or rain as in my best interest, because in truth it is in my best interest, because He loves me perfectly, I believe as my soul prospers in these truths, my body will begin to mend and prosper.  Cares, worries, and the might be’s are drying me up from the inside out.

Lord, forgive me for being blind to your truths and questioning your love for me in particular.  Somehow I believe you can love others so easily, but me??  I know in my mind you do, and I thank you for that, but in my heart, I really need you to make that real to me.

I know you hear and answer prayer.  Thank you.  Bless all your children.  Give them all a beautiful Sabbath day.  Help us to remember you and what your son Jesus did for us on that cross.  Make your love real to all our hearts.  Revive us and renew us!  Amen!

This is our garden, it takes each day as it comes…  my oldest son is our head gardener, he is making sure the plants are watered for tomorrow, it has been dry here.

Aren’t these snow pea blossoms beautiful?  The Bible says to consider the lilies how they grow, they don’t toil, and our heavenly Father cares more for us much more than them.  The same goes for  these sweet little pea blossoms.   Simple lessons, why so hard to learn and assimilate???

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