An easy yoke…

24 Jan

I have been pondering much lately, Jesus’s words “My yoke is easy, My burden light.”  In the world I grew up in you had to take charge and get what you wanted.  No one was going to push you aside or keep you from your goal.

As a new creation in Christ since February 24, 1986 my frame of reference, my world view, my perspective have been in a constant transformation.  The Bible talks about being conformed into the image of Christ.  There is no way that I, knowing myself am like Jesus.  But, there is a supernatural transformation that He says is happening.  He is God.  Am I going to buck Him and say that I am hopeless?

My yoke lately has seemed too heavy to bear.  The realization is dawning on me that my yoke isn’t His yoke.

Being a child of God, my first priority is talking with my Father and Savior.  Getting wisdom, counsel, love, all I need from Him.

Being a wife, my second priority is respecting and serving my husband.  (this is my weakest spiritual muscle)

Being a mother, my third priority is training and loving my children.

Being a child of God, my fourth priority is loving and serving my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Being a human being, my fifth priority is loving mankind and being a blessing to society.

Sunday at church we went over the Book of Titus.  In one section, it spoke of a woman’s place… The home…unfortunately them’s fightin’ words today.

Paul writing to Titus actually said that if a woman isn’t a keeper, worker, guarder, etc. of the home the Word of God would be reproached, blashpemed, spoken evil of, scoffed, made of none effect!  WHOA!  Who cares about fighting words?  The Lord God inspired Paul to write those words.  He can not lie.  He is truth.

The question is, do I care more for what others say than for what God my creator and Savior says?

I have fought some of God’s transforming in my heart, shamefully, I have thought I knew better than Him.  Today while pondering my yoke, and looking at the list above.  Just living those 5 things is a full time job!

My home has become a very industrious place.  We learn here, eat here, sleep here, work here, and try to live and love each other here.

Today, my prayer is that God would allow me to get past those voices of guilt, that would say in my ear “you aren’t doing enough”.   I want to please God, wear His yoke and be thankful for His plan for my life.  And His plan for other’s lives.

We all have a purpose, let us seek it and our affirmation from Him.  The ONLY wise God to whom belongs all Glory and Honor forever.

Dear Lord, cause me to become as your little child, to delight in you and your favor.  Amen.

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