A helpful tool…

6 May

When cutting patterns out there are so many markings to make.  When I learned to sew we used pins, chalk, sometimes even pencils or pens.  Those are great when the marks will be hid or with easily washable fabric.  Also when you are sewing for yourself and you can keep secrets 🙂  Maybe you all have heard of the wash away marking pen but if you haven’t I would be remiss to not let you know of it.  We use  Mark B Gone, it comes in blue for lighter fabrics and in white for darker fabrics. 

 It is wonderful for marking lines when doing a bit of shirring, or adding double ruffles to a garment, or trims. 

Also, when you hand embroider you can actually draw your design with it.  So, you see the possibilites!  When your design is done you dampen the marked area with a wet cloth, or we sometimes spray with a water bottle when the fabric doesn’t have a lot of sizing in it.   If the marker is not easily seen when the project is done, don’t worry about it, just use it or wear it and then in the first washing it will B Gone 🙂   Happy Sewing! Chrissi

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